All My Life I've Been Fighting a War I Can't Talk

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All My Life I've Been Fighting a War I Can't Talk

Postby XMR Charles Xavier » Sat Apr 14, 2018 6:51 am

"Ah, Kitty," a voice emerged from behind her, the calm tone of one very familiar Professor Xavier. He motored closer to her and swerved to avoid hitting her, coming to a stop opposite the long metal kitchen counter in front of them. Several bowls of raw ingredients were plastic wrapped on top, presumably lying in wait for dinner.

"Grabbing an afternoon snack?" he flashed her a grin. Over his legs was a knit blanket with spaceship patterns and alien gremlins fighting one another, and he smoothed it out gently. He picked up an apple from the bowl in the center and tossed it between his hands.

"I'm glad to see you're settling in. Your father was just here, did you get a chance to speak with him?" Carmen Pryde and Charles Xavier were notoriously good friends, and had served together in Operation Enduring Freedom at Afghanistan in a mobile medical unit. Carmen had been a pilot, and Charles was a medic.

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