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Summers, Scott

All characters in the game who are retired or not otherwise active.
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XMR Scott Summers (Honor)
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Position: Masters Student
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Mutation: Optic Blasts
Alignment: X-Men
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Summers, Scott

Post by XMR Scott Summers (Honor) » Mon Mar 19, 2018 10:02 am

scott christopher summers
  • Age. 25
    Gender. Male
    Birthday. July 10
    Species. Homo superior
    Faction. X-Men
    Occupation. Masters Student, Mechanic
    Location. New York
  • Mother. Katherine Summers
    Father. Christopher Summers
    Others. Alexander Summers, brother; Gabriel Summers, brother

    Scott was born the first son to Catherine and Christopher Summers. His childhood was pretty normal, exemplary actually. How many kids can say that their dad is a super cool pilot? Not many. Of course something like that had its drawl backs, his father was often gone, leaving his mother home to raise the growing family alone with occasional aide from Scott's grandparents. Scott was a fairly active youth, and he took it on himself to lead by example, even in those early years, for his younger brother Alex. He proved to be a decent student in his first years of formal education and his teachers described him as a model student, atypically polite and respectful.

    Scott began to look forward to family vacations each summer and the flights with his father, mother and brother. He'd become a co-pilot at his dad's side in their small twin engine plane. It was all in fun, for the most part, these moments of pretense and character building between the two Summers men. Or rather man and boy, father and son. It was on one such holiday that life for Scott would irrevocably change. An explosion rocked the vessel and by the time Catherine was able to reach the parachutes, all but one had been destroyed by fire. Acting selflessly and as quickly as she could strapped both Alex and Scott into the chute. She then pushed both boys out of the plane, knowing this would be the last time either she or her husband saw their sons.

    During the fall, fire ripped its way through the chute just as it reached the tree line. The boys fell, Alex's body protected and cushioned from the impact as Scott hit the ground first. Consequently, Scott was gravely injured and lapsed into a coma that lasted several months. When he woke up, his parents were gone. Alex was gone and he was completely alone. He was sent to an orphanage run in secret by Nathaniel Essex, who developed an interest in the young man. Through his machinations, including mental blocks and bouts of induced amnesia, Scott began to withdrawal into himself until he was ultimately sent into the foster care system.

    He was taken in by a small time crook who called himself Jack of Diamonds, a man who abused him physically to force Summers to cooperate in his crime sprees when he refused. Soon after Scott began to have severe headaches, Scott's mutation first manifested itself as an uncontrollable optic blast. It destroyed a crane and only a second blast kept the people below from injury. Jack of Diamonds sought to use his 'son's' new abilities to aide him in his criminal activities, however Xavier intervened to protect Summers and offered to help him control his powers. Scott agreed to return to Westchester and became Xavier's ward and subsequently one of his first X-Men.

    The team of young mutants made their fair share of mistakes. Mistakes that Scott carried full responsibility for. Often the earliest encounters were against foes like Magneto and his emerging Brotherhood of Mutants. Always pushing himself, Scott has continued to train and hone his skills, not content to rely on the tried and true. Summers developed, in these early years, the regimented lifestyle and discipline that still carries him through each and every day almost without fail. The years have lead to their fair share of triumphs and tragedy. He’s had to make the tough choices when no one else could. For this reason, Cyclops has proven himself to be nothing if not a leader; an X-Man.

  • Mutation. Optic Blasts
    Cyclops has the ability to project optic blasts of ruby colored energy from or rather through his eyes. This energy is created as the cells of his body absorb sunlight and transport it from this dimension to another alternate, non-Einsteinian universe where the physical laws of nature as we know it do not apply. The energy absorbed is infinite and stored as particles that resemble photons. When they venture forth from his eyes they interact with our universe and create kinetic energy in the form of gravitons. These molecules combine to form an energetic substance visible to the naked eye as an almost molten, liquid stream of ruby that engages with anything it comes into contact within a highly concussive manner. One could suggest that his eyes are nothing more than apertures, conduits for this energy. Science aside, the applications of his mutation are simple. He opens his eyes, the energy is released and when it collides with its target bad things happen to said object.

    The most interesting aspect of Scott's gift has more to do with the way he applies it. On its own, an unchecked optic blast could punch a hole through the center of a mountain. However, due to both his brilliance and good old-fashioned hard work, Summers has developed what could have otherwise been brutish into an elegant art form. This is aided in part by his mind's psionic field and it's being attuned to the particles of the alternate universe. This field extends to his entire body and protects him and others as he can use his eyelids, his forearms, and his hands to shunt the blasts when necessary.

    Under his command, these blasts travel at an ever-widening field, the size of which can be controlled to a limited extent as he focuses his eyes and engages his visor's controls. At four feet this beam can be as small as the diameter of a pencil with two pounds of pressure per square inch. However as the beam expands to a distance of fifty feet, at four feet in width, it has a force of 200 pounds per square inch. His widest beams can expand to ninety feet in width at fifty feet from his eyes has a force of ten pounds per square inch. His most powerful blasts possess roughly five hundred pounds of pressure per square inch. He can punch a hole through carbon steel one inch thick from just over a foot away.

    The angles these beams can travel from his body are similar to those of a 35 mm camera, the widest angle falling around ninety degrees. The effective range of these blasts is two thousand feet, though at that range they have weakened significantly often giving the illusion of fading away or evaporating into thin air. He can tip over or move a full five thousand gallon tank from twenty feet away, translating in simpler terms to forty thousand pounds of force from twenty feet. It has been said that Cyclops' own mental limits keep him from utilizing his full potential. The full limits of his abilities are as of yet untested, however, equipment at the school has estimated this output at two gigawatts or larger than a nuclear reactor.

    Scott's application of these powers relies on a superhuman sense of spatial awareness. Utilizing calculations familiar in trigonometry, Cyclops has been known to reflect and redirect a single blast a dozen times and still make accurate contact with his target. He does this by observing the environment around him. He then almost instantly calculates not only the position of the objects around him but also their relation to each other. It is not clear if this ability is engaged when he is formulating strategy, but one can assume that being able to see different angles and outcomes in any given situation doesn't hurt in applications beyond his optic blasts.


    Scott Summers will not use his powers to knowingly risk human life or the members of his team, whether friend or foe. In fact, he is reticent to use lethal force, even against the most vile without being forced to do so for the 'greater' good. He lives by a rather narrow code of ethics, one that dictates who and what he is at his very core. There are very good reasons why he is called a boy scout, it is who he is - for good or bad, win or lose. He's not always easy with his choices and he hates to lose, but he simply will not showboat for the sake of showboating. He leaves that to lesser men.

    Scott is immune to his brother's powers as they are to his own. For that reason, he may make an exception and use his blasts against them to make a point, knowing that he can't truly hurt them. Is it the right thing to do? No, it isn't, but he is only human and little brothers can be annoying from time to time. Wolverine might be the other possible exception to this general rule, but then, he too can be exceptionally blunt and Scott is all about like for like when justified. Plus, sometimes it just feels good to let go. Not exactly the way a leader should behave, but it does keep him human and besides, even King Arthur proved himself flawed however well he inspired his knights. Scott will be the first to rush into battle, unwilling to ask anyone to do what he would not. This can put him at risk and his many hours in recovery in the Med Lab attest to this brave, albeit at times foolish, resolve.

    Cyclops is prone to headaches. Due to the nature of his powers and his body's seeming inability to control them optically beyond simply closing his eyes, Scott must maintain significant focus. Dropping his guard for even a moment can often mean death and destruction if he isn't careful. He can dispel his optic blasts continually for a period of roughly fifteen to twenty minutes without fatigue. After that, his body, whether bolstered by the protective visor or not, will leak this concussive energy from the corners of his eyes, even when closed. The fatigue, mental more so than physical, can generally be overcome or refreshed within ten to fifteen minutes of rest. Should the internal mechanisms of his visor or the normal controls within his gloves malfunction or no longer be within his controls, Scott may be rendered completely helpless.
  • Image
    Played by Scott Eastwood. This face claim is unshared.

    Anything Else? Scott is an expert pilot, like his father before him. He is equally adept with the mechanical, providing most of the maintenance on not only the Blackbird but a majority of the vehicles parked in the garage at the Institute. He's not exactly a MacGyver, able to pull just any random fix out of his head at the drop of a hat, but he does see situations, solutions, angles in a way that most can't. He can grill a mean steak and likes to fly fish, camp and has some survival training. Scott is more than adept at several forms of hand to hand combat. His focus includes but is not limited to the martial arts judo and aikido. His skill in hand to hand combat is such that he is able to take on six reasonably skilled men and achieve a victorious outcome. He is attempting to learn sign language but speaks no foreign languages without a telepathic assist. Scott is widely known for his ability to use his optic blasts to achieve what is commonly referred to as a banked shot, meaning that he can achieve seemingly impossible targets by utilizing various surfaces to ricochet said blasts from one surface to another to ultimately hit the intended target and bypass those he might otherwise harm.

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XMR Census
X-Men Reboot
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Re: Summers, Scott

Post by XMR Census » Mon Mar 19, 2018 8:41 pm

Welcome to The Masters Program, SCOTT SUMMERS. Your occupation is MASTERS STUDENT. You are aligned with THE X-MEN.
Any questions or concerns can be directed to Betty or Shayne or Username

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