Stryker, William

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XMR William Stryker

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Position: DARPA SIGINT Officer
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Stryker, William

Postby XMR William Stryker » Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:18 pm

william abel stryker
  • Age. 33.
    Gender. Male.
    Birthday. May 6th.
    Species. Homo sapiens.
    Faction. Independent.
    Occupation. SIGINT Officer, DARPA.
    Location. Manhattan, New York.
  • Mother. Jeri Stryker.
    Father. Travis Stryker.
    Wife. Marcy Windsor (deceased).
    Child. Jason Stryker (deceased).
  • Mutation. Martial arts, weapons, linguistics, pattern recognition. Will is a human, and thus does not have any enhanced abilities, however he is fluent in four languages and has received extensive weapons and martial arts training from the time he was a young boy, making him a formidable opponent on the battlefield. His brain is extremely good at recognizing patterns and analyzing data. After solving an extremely challenging puzzle put out (unbeknownst to him at the time) by DARPA in the Chronicle Herald, he was recruited by the agency to assist on the design of a classified signals detection device to decode clandestine global transmissions originating from the terrorist group known as the Militia for Genetic Rights.
  • Image Played by Nathaniel Buzolic. This face claim is shared.

    Alignment. Lawful Neutral.

    Anything Else? Born to two military parents, Will spent most of his childhood shuttled back and forth from post to post. A piece of paper tells him that Berlin is his place of birth, but for Will, Army was always home.

    His parents, both active duty military officers, sought to instil a set of values in Will early on in his life. There was never a moment where he could be free to roam, play and experiment with his peers as a child. He attended training. Normal parents tossed a ball around, played some sports, you know? No. For Will it was training. Private tutors saw Will fluent in German, Farsi and Spanish by the time he was seventeen, and he picked up an additional language, French, during a six month trip abroad after graduating from high school.

    Travis Stryker invested hours upon hours molding his son into the perfect officer candidate, but Will wanted to enlist with his best friends, and ultimately eschewed his famly's master plan, which resulted in a rift between them that never healed. Despite that, Will comes from a long history of military service and this has been bred into him since the time he could speak. His family are a proud line of former soldiers and servicemen which dates all the way back to the civil war.

    After completing basic, Will was deployed as a geo-spatial intelligence imagery analyst in the field. He spent eighteen months in Afghanistan before his aptitude drew the attention of the CIA, and he was snatched up to man data stations at the underground Weapon X Facility in Alberta, Canada. By then, mutants were seen as kitsch, a fascinating pet project of the government, and Will was intrigued to learn more about their capabilities from a purely scientific standpoint. He offered suggestions to his superiors on how to improve key aspects of the program, which resulted in his rapid promotion through the ranks.

    He honestly, at that time, held no hatred for them. But that would change.

    While working there, he met Marcy Windsor and fell in love with her. They were married a short while later and she became pregnant with his child, which he discovered while stationed at a nuclear testing facility in Nevada. Soon, Marcy went into labor, and on the way to the hospital, a car crash left them stranded in the desert and he was forced to deliver the baby himself.

    The child, at birth, was entirely physically deformed, sucking and gasping hideously for air, and making pained, tortured noises. Reminded of scenes he'd witnessed while on tour, Will, in a moment of utter panic, stabbed the infant with a piece of shrapnel. Horrified at his actions, and noticing that the car had begun to leak gasoline, Will lit a zippo lighter and tossed it into the accelerant. Unfortunately, he was thrown from the car, and spared from death.

    After the funeral for his family, Will began to drink heavily and eventually received a formal reprimand when he began lashing out at those under his responsibility, and encouraged to seek help when his drinking began to impact his duties (including one not-so-proud moment of showing up drunk while stateside).

    Things turned around for him, though, when he picked up the New York Chronicle Herald and began working on some of the new puzzles in back. There was an option to submit your answers to the paper, and out of sheer dumb curiosity, Will did. Lucky for him! It turned out they were a massive, civilian-wide stimulus from the research entity DARPA, seeking new and original talent for an elite team being pieced together to design a powerful signals intelligence system that would monitor, track and survey the terrorist organization known as the Militia for Genetic Rights.

    In time, Will came to realize that his son, who he called Jason privately, had been a mutant and this was the cause of his defect. It didn't take long for him to travel down the slippery slope that mutants were dangerous on the whole for mankind, and that they were an aberration, something to fear for the natural threat that they were. They'd caused the decimation of his family, and countless deaths and chaos around the world.

    Concealing his real motivations, he established himself as a quiet and efficient worker, producing volumes of stable code and analysis for the government both in his job with the Army, and his role as part of DARPA's Signals Reconstruction Program (SRP).

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Re: Stryker, William

Postby XMR Census » Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:50 pm

Welcome to the Signals Reconstruction Program, WILLIAM STRYKER. Your occupation is SIGNALS INTELLIGENCE OFFICER. You are aligned with INDEPENDENT.
Any questions or concerns can be directed to Betty or Shayne or Username

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XMR Census

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Re: Stryker, William

Postby XMR Census » Sat May 12, 2018 3:03 pm


We recognize this date, MAY 6TH 2018 , as the momentous occasion of your 33RD birthday!

Congratulations, you did it.
Any questions or concerns can be directed to Betty or Shayne or Username

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