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When They Open the Sun Will Shine

Located on Level 10. Contains: Courtroom 10, all Wizengamot Courtrooms.
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Re: When They Open the Sun Will Shine

Post by Qingying » Mon Feb 19, 2018 10:05 am

“Thank you,” he accepted it with a smile.

Qingying handed it back to him at the end of their next lesson, along with a new parchment.

A grade was not on Lane’s assignment. Instead, in rows of green ink that only appeared when the parchment was gazed at, Qingying had commented on what Lane had written. Some were info related, or semi-related to a sentence, such as ‘xxx was also used with xxx’ or ‘in 17xx an xxx case used xxx for xxx’, or little facts such as ‘xxx used this with xxx xxx and made his patient grow leaf-textured rabbit ears!’ while some others were Qingying’s own opinions, experiences relating to the plant and its usage, or expressions of interest. Other comments were acknowledgements of research or writing well done, or added what he may have missed or could delve deeper into.

Qingying’s genuine interest in both what Lane had written and the subject was obvious. The new parchment read: Compare the main spells used to construct the Natural History Museum of Rome with the techniques used to construct the dome of the Florence Cathedral.

The Florence Cathedral was a muggle church with the largest masonry dome in the world, while the Natural History Museum of Rome was a wizarding museum constructed in 1910 and exhibited a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history. Both were known for their architecture. Of course, the Museum was quite a bit more peculiar – even for wizarding standards.

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Re: When They Open the Sun Will Shine

Post by Lane Foster » Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:22 pm

Lane wasn't the most literate person in the world, but what he did write was clearly the product of effort even if he didn't show it otherwise. He'd obviously done research and formed his own conclusions on things, and demonstrated a sharp wit and keen observational skills. I mean, as much as one could expect from a student who opened their next paper with This church is creepy as shit, and then went into the full history of purported hauntings and deaths through the ages.

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