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Dolohov, Anastasia

All characters in the game who are retired or not otherwise active.
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Deceased Anastasia Dolohov
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Dolohov, Anastasia

Post by Deceased Anastasia Dolohov » Mon Jan 22, 2018 12:56 am

The Basics
  • Name. Anastasia Katya Dolohov
    Age. 28 [forever]
    Gender. female
    Species. human
    Blood Status. pureblood

    Position. Anastasia works as a secretary at the Ministry of Magic.
    Location. Gloucester, England; She currently resides in Holland Park, London. Rejecting the idea of living with her fiancé, Anastasia begged her elder brother to use his money to get her a lavish apartment house near where he lived himself, if not allow her to live with him. He rejected the latter, and although quite upset by that Anastasia is now happily settled in her own little palace, fit for a Russian princess and furnished and paid for by her doting elder brother.
    School. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    House. Ravenclaw
    Wand. 9", willow, swishy, unicorn hair

    Patronus. Cat, of course;; her best memory would be one of the many times she lay in bed as a child next to Antonin and talked about everything and anything, before they felt the full weight of the world on their shoulders and were permitted to just be children.
    Amortentia. Antonin’s or Sirius's smell, freshly washed sheets (like Tonin’s bed when they were children)
    Boggart. Her boggart shifts between her Antonin, mutilated, Sirius, mutilated, and the figure of her rapist, bearing down upon her again –these are all her greatest and most horrifying fears.

    Face Claim. Barbara Palvin
    Share Face Claim? no

    Mother. Anastacia Darya Dolohov nee Boyle, age 58 – Originally Bolshovsky before the family immigrated, Ana’s mother’s family was not so high up on the pure-blooded chain as to escape Russia directly after the revolution, rather moving to England instead in 1920. Clearly where Anya inherited her gentler nature, Anastacia was raised to try to be as English and unobtrusive as possible. While this should endear her to her mother, Anya is instead repulsed by her for reasons she cannot explain. She does not identify with the submissive woman she’s known all these years and despite their shared gender, looks, and original dispositions, she has no interest in her mother and hasn’t since she left home for Hogwarts.
    Father. Antonin Fyodor Dolohov Sr. (VIII), deceased at 76 – One of many Antonin Fyodor Dolohovs, Anya’s father immigrated from Russia with his father when the Romanovs fell along with many other pure-blood wizarding families. Anya’s relationship with her father was volatile, changing between her being Daddy’s precious kitten to, as the aged, the object of his abuse when he was bored with his wife. She grew to hate him the older she became and at his death convinced herself to feel nothing for the man who had been such a vicious and feared force in her life.
    Aleksander Dolohov, 28- Aleks and Ana are siblings only in name, really. She very quickly as a child became so utterly consumed in Antonin that there was hardly any room for Aleksander in her affections, but, as he is her older brother, she does harbor some feelings for him and doesn’t wish him ill. Anya does her sisterly duties, but the tension between her brothers is not lost on her and when it comes down to it, Aleks is well-aware whose side she’s on, making their own relationship tense as well. The closer she draws to her wedding and the farther Tonin pulls away, however, the nearer she seems to be moving toward Aleksander, as he is the last vestige left of what she knows.
    Antonin Fyodor Dolohov, 32- Their relationship is complicated to say the least. She loves him, she hates him, she wants him, she needs him, she torments him, she covets him…etcetera, etcetera. There is actually a quote from Wuthering Heights that is appropriate here, from Catherine referring to Heathcliff –“I am Heathcliff. Whatever souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” Just insert Antonin instead of Heathcliff and you have the very definition of how Anastasia feels about her precious and beloved elder brother.
Anything Else?


Although on the outside a very organized, controlled, perfect pure-blooded princess, Anastasia Dolohov has been quite a twisted soul since she was a child, various circumstances increasing her symptoms of anxiety and insanity with each passing year. She is to the outside world a trained Dolohov daughter, dutiful to her brothers and the Death Eaters. She speaks only when spoken to, is polite, courteous, well-groomed, and pleasant company.

It’s all a well-designed ruse.

Within her head is a mind so convoluted it is impossible to truly define. We can start with her affections, as they are few in number but passionate in nature. Her only love is her elder brother, and it is not platonic, sibling love –it’s a love that developed at a young age into something much more insidious and complex. She loves him with a fire that is completely unrivaled. As far as she’s concerned, there is no one who deserves him more than she does –no one who loves him so desperately as her. Her affection for him began when they were very young, when it was Antonin who stepped in between her and their father and prevented what abuse he could, from emotional to sexual in nature. In Anya’s delicate mind, he became her ‘knight in shining armor’, and she felt the over-whelming urge to protect him as well. They often shed tears together, and with Antonin she has shared the most of herself, at least, verbally. He knows her better than anyone else has been permitted and she would, without a doubt, die without him, feeling that they are connected on a level that simply cannot be imitated or created outside of what fate has already done.

Crazy is an excellent word for Ana. She has a very severe anxiety disorder as well as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder from her rape at age sixteen, and when heavily stressed and unable to properly vent or cope (which is usually the case) she suffers from uncontrollable trembling, aching, and social withdrawal, even occasional black-outs. It typically takes her several days to recover –but it wasn’t always so terrible. As a child, she had noticeable bad nerves, but it was not until after her rape and Antonin’s betrayal that a certain part of her brain snapped and caused her to develop these ‘fits’, as she refers to them. She is also a co-dependent regarding Antonin, functioning autonomously only concerning decisions affecting her future but unable to rest in normalcy without the attention of one or the other, or, if either aren’t available, something or someone else. She is also chronically phobic of her rapist, and sees him in public in the faces of men who are his age at the time of the event eight years ago –around that of her father. His abuse, coupled with the crime, have rendered her entirely untrusting of any men which she does not carefully pick –such as Sirius. She is as a result of all this rather bitter in nature and holds grudges like a professional against anyone that wounds her, whether severely or minorly.

Maxim Mulciber is the ultimate thorn in her carefully laid plot for her future well-being. He is nothing like she would have chosen for her betrothed and she does not hide her loathing for him in the least, acting out passive-aggressively whenever possible. The same extends to all of her enemies, as she is not subtle although avoids open confrontation. She finds herself pursuing Sirius because he is one of her goals, and goals are one of the few ways she maintains order in her chaotic mind. She cannot give up, even with his status as a blood traitor, until he gives her a clear indication of whether or not he wants her affection. This also applies to Tonin, although she has at this point completely convinced herself that his feelings are mutual and he merely feels it’s improper. While she is capable of seeing that it is somewhat frowned upon to want one’s own brother, Ana has disillusioned herself into not understanding why. Her greatest goal? Destroying her brother’s betrothal, and his fiance' Ophelia MacNair, in the process.

Alas, Anastasia was not always this way. In fact, it was a sweet, gentle, and clever little girl that grew up in the Dolohov home and was sorted into Ravenclaw. While not as bad as Gryffindor, it was still unacceptable, and sweet Anya was under quite a lot of pressure to prove her worth as a pure-blooded Dolohov princess when all the others in her family’s elite circle wore green and silver details on their robes. Beneath the crazed young woman now present the majority of the time is this same sweet and innocent child who was thrust into a merciless, deceitful, and cutthroat environment and forced to adapt. She remembers, however, this girl and at times still reverts to her when she feels the most safe, which is extremely rare. In her careful mask she has placed certain aspects of her former, not-so-broken self, but too much has happened to crack her for her to ever return and so she simply looks back on that girl with longing and occasional self-loathing.

Even when hating herself, Ana has a self-confidence that matches even the haughtiest pure-blooded beauty. She knows she doesn’t look the most spectacular, but uses well what she has. She manipulates like a champion and is supremely certain that with her prowess at getting what she wants, she will eventually conquer the challenges ahead of her, even if she goes slightly mad in doing so. Ana has convinced herself that despite the occasional protests from a very few vocal and brave souls that she is worshipped by those around her and thrives on the fantasy she has created, existing in a cloud of pretend acceptance that allows her to work with Rabastan Lestrange and not kill him herself, as well as work for Lord Voldemort and not die from fear of disappointing him. When this veneer fades and she is left in reality, however, Ana is terrified of her role despite having begged Antonin to get her involved. She originally only offered her services in the belief that it would draw them closer and make him love her even more –now, however, she understands that her place is much greater, potentially, than such a mere game for her brother’s affections, and much, much more grave, because if she were to make even a small mistake, one or both sides could do her serious harm. It is this fear that keeps her focused on her goals regarding her mission as a double agent, and prevents her from running, screaming, in the other direction, as within she is still a scared, sweet little girl who has been devoured whole by a monster of psychological trauma.


Anastasia Katya Dolohov was born on a rainy and muggy August 10th in her parents manor to the same midwife that birthed her elder brothers years prior. As she was born in dreadful weather and to a rather cold and ancient family, it was expected that she would be not just any sort of girl, but a difficult one from the very beginning, as most of the other Dolohov women had been before her. Instead, after her initial cries to confirm life, Ana was hardly one to make a fuss at all -she was a happy, sweet baby, a fact that dumbfounded her family from the beginning. Her laughter was often the only heard in the large, dreary house, and her father in his rare, doting moments referred to it as the sound of Christmas bells tinkling down the vast hallways and echoing in the large chambers. She also proved herself a brilliant child at a young age, potty-training, talking, walking, and performing various other tasks months in advance and even teaching herself to read with the help of her nanny by the time she was four. The early years of her life were spent weaseling into the hearts of her family and unknowingly feeding her skills at manipulation, reading in various nooks and crannies, and waiting impatiently for Antonin to return on breaks from Hogwarts so that she could tackle hug him in the foyer.

Her joyous existence, however, was short lived. As Ana grew, the mental condition of her father worsened, and the more like a little lady of the house she became, the easier it was for Antonin Sr. to see in her his wife, whom he abused regularly. At the age of seven Anastasia first began to experience the same abuse from a man who had until that point been her beloved Papa -one moment, he was referring to her as his little kitten, and the next, he was striking her and calling her vicious names. The most terrifying abuse exacted upon her for the next years came in the form of his fascination with cutting, and many times he would come into her room in the evening as she was sleeping or settling in, pin her down, and slice her in various places on her body. It was a sick, sexual sort of fetish that he grew tired of performing on her mother, and so Anastasia grew to fear him a great deal, her love for her father evaporating by the time she was a decade old. Even Tonin, while aware of the abuse as a whole, has not seen the multitude of small laceration-shaped scars on her body, as fortunately they are covered easily by most clothing -her father's favorite places were her thighs and waist. Ana quickly began to live for her elder brother to be home, particularly after the first instance in which he stepped in to defend her and was struck himself. It was during this time that her ecstatic and affectionate greetings turned into nighttime visits in which the two would hold each other and fall asleep, Ana often just listening quietly to his troubles and fears, stroking his hair and snuggling him until he was at ease enough to rest. Despite her abuse, she remained a rather optimistic child, convinced that Antonin was her 'knight in shining armor' and knowing that very soon, she would be leaving for Hogwarts herself. This did not, however, prevent her from developing a severe anxiety disorder, and to this day the very sight of anyone who even looks remotely like her father sends her into a trembling fit.

Her first year at school was marked by several very important developments. The first was her experience being sorted. Growing up a Dolohov, Ana grew up knowing she would be a Slytherin. She couldn't count the times she practiced the chants for her house with Antonin and Aleks, wore their robes, and professed her favorite color to be green if only to please her father. This was not to be the case. As the slightly nervous little girl sat upon the stool, supremely confident in where she would be heading, she was terrified to hear the Sorting Hat murmuring things to her that spelled treachery to her family, spot-lighting her gentleness, her intelligence, her fortitude, and her clever nature as the strongest qualities she possessed. Her heart dropped -she knew these were not Slytherin qualities. Before she had a chance to argue, however, the hat had cried out 'RAVENCLAW' and a stunned and frightened Ana made her way rather like a zombie to the nearest seat, Aleks staring at her, stunned, from the Slytherin table as well as the rest of them, many her cousins or family friends. She was so ashamed in that moment and so utterly convinced of her failure that seconds after she landed in her chair and was free of their judgmental gazes, she burst into tears.

It brought shame to her family. Being home was now not only stressful, but utterly terrifying for her, as her father was so enraged that his darling daughter was not a Slytherin he could hardly stand to look at her without striking her in some way, or launching into a vicious verbal tirade about how she was apt to become a filthy blood traitor like her blighted aunt before her. As such, she rarely went home at all, merely exchanging volumes of letters with her even more beloved Antonin, now a graduate, and only coming when he asked her to keep him company.

This is where the third and final life-changing event occured -her parents, after deliberation behind closed doors, decided that Antonin and Anastasia were far too close for proper tastes. Whenever Ana was home, she stayed the night in his room, and while at first it was primarily to escape her father, her feelings for her brother were beginning to develop well beyond simple sibling affections. Even at eleven, Ana was beginning to notice how attractive and brave her brother was, and her love for him knew few bounds. She was certain he had no flaws, and practically worshipped the ground he walked on;; therefore, when her parents informed them at a family dinner that they had purchased him a moderate house in London, away from their estate, and that he would no longer be home, she was completely and utterly devastated; so much so, in fact, that she did not leave her room again until returning to school and uttered not a word to Tonin at their usual goodbyes, merely hugging him a bit more tightly than usual and darting away before he could make her speak. His absence was extremely disheartening and after he left, she found herself never going home unless forced, making excuses about exams and projects and clubs and studying just to be permitted to stay at Hogwarts and away from her sadistic father, from whom she no longer had a protector.

At the age of 12, Ana was introduced to her betrothed –one Maxim Mulciber. It was a complete surprise, as she wasn’t even aware that she was part of a betrothal, much less so close to the man she would eventually be marrying. He was five years her senior, a 6th year at Hogwarts whom she’d only seen very briefly before their arranged, formal introduction. Even merely a pre-teen, Anastasia was well-aware of the logistics of the world and so their forthcoming marriage confused her –the Mulcibers were not the caliber of people, despite their pure-blooded heritage, that she thought her father would have made such a deal with. Still, she held her tongue, ever the proper young lady, and survived their meeting only to return to the real world with hardly a nod in his direction. They did not associate when at Hogwarts, merely nodding or saying a cordial hello every now and again, but now that she knew she was meant to marry him, Ana spent the next two years watching him as closely as she could without being detected. Of course, this only made her despise him more. He was nothing like her brother –nothing like her precious Antonin, and she wanted nothing to do with him based on that fact alone. Maxim, for his part, attempted often to impress his future bride and offered her trinkets and attention, but by the time Ana was fourteen, she had fully made up her mind –he wasn’t good enough. She would be ever dutiful, of course, but if only Tonin would rescue her! The longer time that passed without incident between the two men, however, the more disheartened Anastasia became. In the next year, their wedding is set to take place, and she’s finding herself less and less interested in resisting, and her will is fading fast.

The next few years passed without relative incidence. Anastasia grew ever-closer to Antonin, although she was forced to mostly communicate with her brother via owl post. In her 6th year, her brother surprised her with an invitation to a Ministry banquet. She knew he worked with many important people, and to be seen on his arm was like a dream come true –so many eyes on them, so many people to see how perfect they were together! Antonin made it out to be a sort of ‘coming-out’ for her, a way to introduce her to the wizarding society, but she was sold merely on his accompaniment. The evening was to be theirs, and after a long spell without his company, his particular comfort to her heart, she was craving him desperately. The evening was magical, everything she wanted, even if her brother was acting a bit out of sorts for most of it. She was convinced that this was the night he would tell her he felt the same –that she was his other half, that they would be together forever. This, however, would not be the case. After the event, they traveled back to his home, Ana giddy to get to spend the night with her brother again after such a long drought from their former childhood activity. Letting her inside, Antonin made some excuse about having to run an errand but promised he’d return promptly and insisted she make herself comfortable. Anya changed into her pajamas and was just settling in on the couch with a book chosen from the library when she was joined in the sitting room by a man she did not recognize. He politely introduced himself with a name she has since burned from her memories, but his face she cannot, as he looked, like most men his age at that point in her life, far too similar to her father to differentiate the two –to ever forget.

Being a smart girl, it didn’t take Ana long to realize something was awry. The man was fidgeting, giddy himself, as she sat next to her and tried to strike up a conversation. She suggested that he come back another time, as it was late and her brother would like be tired when he returned, but the man insisted on staying. Finally too uncomfortable to bear his presence any longer, as he was becoming rather leery-eyed, she excused herself to bed; three steps was all she managed before his hands were on her. Anastasia was still innocent –a virgin, and if she was being honest with herself she had expected to not be after the morning came. She did not, however, expect someone other than Antonin to take such a precious gift. The man was rough, no better than her father in his beatings, and he cared little for her comfort during the ordeal, tossing her about like a doll, tearing off her clothes, and bending her over like an animal as he grunted and sweat, all the while her voice going hoarse from screaming, crying out for her brother to save her like he’d been doing for so long.

He never came.

The trauma caused Anya to pass out shortly thereafter he released her. Antonin did not return that night and she woke up in her pile of torn clothing, disoriented and terrified, dried blood on her legs and her skin icy from exposure and fear. As the memories came flooding back, she began shaking so violently she couldn’t move for a time, and as that subsided, the tears came. At the age of sixteen, Anastasia Dolohov was finally a true Dolohov –except her psychotic break, and the following Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, came at the hand of her own beloved elder brother. It took her several hours to gather herself enough to find suitable clothes out of Tonin’s own closet and leave. She didn’t wait for him –in fact, she hated him so very much that she never wanted to see him again. Ana simply went back to school and promptly pretended as though nothing had happened at all. Her nerves became so terrible she even missed classes, and the rape haunted her dreams for months afterwards, but she did not utter a sound regarding it to anyone and eventually numbed herself, for the most part, to the event. The nightmares still plague her to this day, although thankfully not nearly as often.

Her 7th year passed in a haze of self-loathing and loneliness even with Nate inviting her out with him often. After nearly a year of no contact, she caved and wrote her brother, thus beginning the crazed, passionate, quarrelsome relationship that persists today. When Nate asked her to move in with him after graduation, she leapt at the chance of freedom with the only person that offered her any sort of happiness. Unfortunately, her parents were none-to-pleased at the thought of their precious girl living with a half-blood, and so made it quite clear that their living together simply wasn’t an option, citing how ‘inappropriate’ it would be for her to live with a man to whom she wasn’t betrothed. Desperate to escape her father in order to prevent another event such as the one that happened on her sixteenth birthday, she went to her brother in person for the first time in nearly two years and pleaded for him to use his inheritance to put her up in her own apartment, and Antonin, to his credit, did so without a moment’s hesitation.

Ana lived in luxury while she worked toward a job at the ministry just like her brother before her, and while doing so she also began wheedling her way into the Dark Lord’s crusade, determined to prove her worth to her brother so that he might want her again despite her hatred of his betrayal. Meanwhile, he was busy convincing her that sleeping with various men would push her forward in life, and primarily in order to make him jealous (but also for shameless self-promotion), Ana began taking his advice, searching for approval and worship in the arms of various short-lived lovers –men such as Evan Rosier, Augustus Rookwood, and the ever twisted Rodolphus Lestrange. Each one seemed to empty her more and more thoroughly instead of giving her the fullness she desired –each rush diminishing more than the last. She still continues this behavior (currently with Rabastan Lestrange) in the hopes that one day Antonin himself will decide that he wants her instead of watching her throw herself at his friends and even enemies, all the while hungry for an approval that is unquenchable without him.

Several years ago, Anastasia decided that she could easily impress her brother by getting more involved in the cause, so she began to beg him to give her something to do for the Death Eaters and Dark Lord. Even still, she was surprised when that opportunity arose, and even more surprised when it was a double agent. Although terrified at the prospects involved if she were to fail, she eagerly accepted and was hired into the auror’s office at the ministry. Ana fit rather comfortably into her role, and despite its difficulty she has discovered that she can be quite the fine little actress, thus far doing her job and doing it well (according to Rabastan, anyway). The youngest Lestrange is the man to whom she reports all of her information and as such she’s become entrapped in a sexual relationship with him as well, one in which her weaknesses and fears are exploited in an attempt to control her volatile Dolohov nature. It was via Rabastan, however, that Ana met the newest light in her dark life –Sirius Black. After being constantly pushed to use her work to infiltrate the order, she managed to snag Mssr. Black at The Three Broomsticks one evening with her doll-like eyes and slow smile. He impressed her from the beginning but not taking advantage the first night they met despite every opportunity, and with each passing meeting Anastasia has become more and more infatuated with his kindness and even distinctly caring attitude towards her despite her name and family affiliations. It was this utterly unknown affection for the man that led her to begin feeding information to him regarding the Death Eaters, and she has now wound herself an even tighter web of deception that strangles her more and more each passing day. Even with her sights on a new obsession and knowledge that her ultimate dream of being with Antonin is impossible in society, she still covets Ophelia MacNair for her hold on Tonin without seemingly much effort in the least.

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Re: Dolohov, Anastasia

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You have been accepted into RAVENCLAW house.

Ravenclaw is the house of Insight, Awareness and Mastery.

The current Head of Ravenclaw is MARLENA KATRIN.

Please check your private messages to receive your house COMMON ROOM PASSWORD. Even if you have graduated from Hogwarts, you are still able to access your alumni's common room.

Your occupation is SECRETARY.
Any questions or concerns can be directed to Betty or Shayne or Username

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