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Lupin, Edward

All characters in the game who are retired or not otherwise active.
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Edward Lupin (Knuckles)
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Wand: 11" Red Oak, Unicorn, Springy
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School: Hogwarts
Player: Knuckles

Lupin, Edward

Post by Edward Lupin (Knuckles) » Mon Jan 15, 2018 3:41 am

The Basics
  • Name. Edward Remus "Teddy" Lupin.
    Age. 20.
    Birthday. April 1, 1998.
    Gender. Male.
    Species. Human (Metamorphmagus).
    Blood Status. Half-blood.

    Position. Unemployed (look.)
    Location. Mobile.
    School. Hogwarts.

    Wand. 11", Red Oak, Unicorn Hair.
    Patronus. Long-horned Orb-weaver Spider.

    Face Claim. Tom Holland.
    Share Face Claim? Yes.

    Mother. Nymphadora Tonks (deceased).
    Father. Remus Lupin (deceased).
    Grandmother. Andromeda Tonks.
    Godfather. Harry Potter.
The Interview

What are your goals? How far are you willing to go to achieve them?
To live, and to do so happily. Not far enough to impede others' abilities to do that.

You are caught shoplifting. What do you do?
Say I'm sorry and accept whatever consequence it brings.

How do you feel about being wrong in an argument?
I wouldn't know. (Laughs) Nah, just kidding. I don't think anyone likes being wrong in an argument, especially those long drawn-out ones, so this is kind of a dumb question.

Would you ever be willing to try peyote, or acid?
Not a second time. That shit's too bonkers for me. I'll stick with weed, thanks.

What is the difference between definition (of any particular thing) and application (of said thing)?

Define the word forgiveness.
Extremely difficult.

Someone insults you. What do you do?
If it's funny enough, I guess I'll laugh.

Do you ever allow yourself to be vulnerable? If so, when?
Isn't answering this question sort of making yourself vulnerable?

Explain how fear affects you, and how you respond to your fears.
See above.

Is there value in suffering? Why or why not?
Maybe as a punishment.

Are you more or less likely to turn your homework in on time?
Less. If at all.

Do you keep your eyes on all the exits of a room when you enter it? Explain why.
No. I watch the people in the room.

Describe the objects you carry with you in your purse, backpack or pockets on a day-to-day basis.
My wand.

Are you interested in exploring vast, far-away lands?
Are you kidding? That's basically all I'm interested in doing with my life. Once Toe's done with school, that's what we're doing.

How do you feel about going to therapy?
Sounds like something they'd ask in therapy.

If all chefs have beards, and all bearded men are blue-eyed, are all blue-eyed men chefs?
Nope, that's backwards.

If a homeless person asks you for money, do you give it to them? How about if it's your last $5?
Yeah. They need it more than me.

Describe how you feel toward people who hold opposing views to you.
Some of them are great! Some of them are assholes. Just like people who hold similar views. That's how people work.

Assuming a world without magic, what would you do if you saw someone about to be hit by a car?
Who, specifically?

What is your favorite poem or piece of literature? Why?
Baby Got Back.

Is revenge ever justified? If so, when?
Antonin Dolohov.

Anything Else?

The spider always surprises people.

You honestly don't even remember the first time you used your patronus, but you never forget how it felt. Your happiness is not grounded in your dead parents (though you somehow love them just the same, as if you'd always known them), nor does it come from the people who had hands in raising you, or from the girl you love.

Your happy memories come from the first time you flew on a broom, or the first duel you won against Dilius Dullweather (and putting him on his arse, too). When you stood on a mountain and the cold wind whistled in your ears. When you helped someone and made them feel good. Never rooted in other people, always in yourself. It's not something you notice at first, until you stop to think about it one day.

Maybe out of guilt, you think of your first kiss with Tori the next time you cast the spell.

At school, you and Tori only learned it to pass messages back and forth, which worked quite well given how small both of your patronuses ended up being. But, let's be honest, the main reason you cast it is simply to impress people. Or sometimes frighten them. Long-horned orb-weaver spiders are pretty intense, especially when made of silver light and flying around. You love people's reactions when the spider manifests. Some shriek, some shiver, but most jump with surprise. Spiders have that way about them, and it's a big reason you love them so much. You didn't really learn much about spiders until your first successful casting, and then you needed to know what this fascinating spider was.

After about a half hour of telling Tori about just the one particular breed of spider, she told you that she loved you. And then she told you to please shut up or she was going to hit you.

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The Sorting Hat
The Powers That Be
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Re: Lupin, Edward

Post by The Sorting Hat » Mon Jan 22, 2018 3:12 pm


You have been accepted into HUFFLEPUFF house.

Hufflepuff is the house of Strength, Acceptance and Kindness.

The current Head of Hufflepuff is MYSTERIOUS.

Please check your private messages to receive your house COMMON ROOM PASSWORD. Even if you have graduated from Hogwarts, you are still able to access your alumni's common room.

Your occupation is UNEMPLOYED (you bum).
Any questions or concerns can be directed to Betty or Shayne or Username

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The Ministry of Magic
The Powers That Be
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Re: Lupin, Edward

Post by The Ministry of Magic » Fri Apr 13, 2018 4:17 pm



On behalf of THE MINISTRY OF MAGIC, we acknowledge this day, APRIL 1st 1998, to represent the momentous occasion of your 20th birthday.

In honor of this celebration, please accept attached to this owl a most humbly wrapped parcel, inside which you will find one complimentary BAG OF BERTIE BOTTS EVERY FLAVOR BEANS, provided by one of the local shops in our area.

Keep up the good work!

Any questions or concerns can be directed to Betty or Shayne or Username

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