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Adult Friend Group

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Adult Friend Group

Post by Shayne » Tue Jan 09, 2018 11:33 pm

These guys are pals with Gregory Marshall, Daniel Russo and Lawrence Keelan! This friend group (mostly) attended Hogwarts between 1998-2005, and were all Sorted into SLYTHERIN. They bonded immediately over mutual interests such as Quidditch, Wizard's Chess, Defense Against the Dark Arts, and were single-handedly responsible for the rousing game of Slytherin Secret-Keeper in their first year, creating a variety of roles and rules that perpetuated throughout their time at Hogwarts. There are currently three characters available, each with different personality traits and motivations that make this group exceptionally well-rounded.

RYAN TARIN OPEN | An INTJ, he's concerned with systemic order and logical reason. CORRECTNESS is his virtue. He ends up being a curse-breaker at Gringott's, because it utilizes his intelligence and gives him stimulating new experiences and knowledge. He is extremely intuitive, but not particularly oriented with the emotional wellbeing of his peers and believes that his way is best, unless shown factually otherwise, in which case he will adapt. Like Greg, he understood the situations of his peers almost immediately, but does not acknowledge them, not believing in pandering. He is kind in his own, subtle way, but can be highly sarcastic. Unlike the rest of his friends, he is not athletically inclined at all, and beyond providing tactical advice in his first year Flying classes, was not on the Quidditch team. A pureblood, he believes firmly that wizards and muggles should not mix. He puts stock in bloodlines, but does have muggleborn friends and is not particularly bigoted toward them, as they are magical and as such part of the elite.

TRISH AVERY OPEN | An ENFJ, she's concerned with harmony and social conscience. IMPROVEMENT is her virtue. She ends up working for the Ministry, because of the bureaucracy necessary to effect national change to policy that she has always felt passionate about. She is responsible for creating several programs within. Avery's parents were unapologetic Death Eaters who were sentenced to Azkaban under the new Auror Guard regime, and she was raised by a sympathetic aunt. She was sorted into Slytherin, because of her innate need to influence her peers. She was the Quidditch captain in her 5th and 6th years and was two years ahead of everyone else. While she does not support violence, she believes in wizard/muggle separation in order to protect wizardkind from persecution as evidenced throughout muggle history. She believes that wizardkind is more enlightened and superior, a subject of much debate within her friend group.

DARRYL TREAL OPEN | An ISTP, he's concerned with exchange and cooperation. NEGOTIATION is his virtue. He ends up working in business, because of his exceptional financial acumen and his desire for material gains and wealth. The Treals are a notorious pureblooded family who 'worked both sides' during the war, and ultimately escaped persecution. Naturally, he was Sorted into Slytherin because he firmly believes in looking out for number one. He does not put any stock in bigotry, believing that everyone and everything has some inherent value when compared to something else, as long as said individuals are useful. He is humorous and charming, and uses this to appeal to more ethical compatriots. He is three years ahead of Marshall, Tarin, Russo and Keelan and one year ahead of Avery.

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