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Matheson, Christine

A listing of all accepted characters located around the world.
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Christine Matheson
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Joined: Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:41 pm
Wand: None
Position: IS Analyst
Location: New York City
School: No-Maj
Player: Shayne

Matheson, Christine

Post by Christine Matheson » Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:41 pm

christine cecilia matheson
  • Age. 36.
    Birthday. February 15th.
    Gender. Female.
    Species. 1/4 Veela, 3/4 Human.
    Blood Status. Half-Blood.
    Position. IS Analyst.
    Location. New York City.
  • Adoptive Mother/s. Allison Matheson, Erica Matheson. Allison is an OB/GYN working in the offices of the IRCT, a human rights organization dedicated to providing services to refugees and their families. Erica Matheson is a civil litigator with a major private law firm focusing on the defense of high profile cases.

    Adoptive Sister. Lucy Matheson is two years younger than Christine and works on the campaign trail behind influential politicians as a spokeswoman and advertising/design consultant. Posters of the politicos she has backed remain in-demand and popular all over New York City. She is much more cut-throat than Christine, but both get along well.
  • Image Patronus. Flamingo.
    Image Amortentia. Spraypaint, leather, whiskey.
    Image Boggart. Large Crowds.
  • Image Played by Deanne Bray. This face claim is shared.

    Anything Else? Christine was found abandoned near a beach in California as an infant, and spent her first few years shuffled around various state care facilities before she was placed with her first family, but they proved unable to truly care for her due to a lack of proper educational resources and communication on their behalf.

    Finally, when Christine turned twelve, she was properly adopted by Allison and Erica in Maryland, two professionals looking to start a family. Raised by an OB/GYN and a civil lawyer, Christine is profoundly deaf, and uses both American Sign Language and lipreading to function in her job as an information security analyst with the NYPD, along with her interpreter Jodie. She has multiple tattoos in visible areas of her body and outside of work, art is her passion.

    Originally, Christine wanted to be a paramedic, but was unable to qualify after failing the physical examination. Following this, she took off from the states and spent a year abroad in Quezon and Malate, working for a social hygiene clinic. Upon her return and with a renewed sense of herself, she attended Maryland University and attained a Masters of Digital Forensics.

    Recently, a slew of crimes has caught the attention of law enforcement agencies across the city, with witnesses reporting strange and unusual activities surrounding them, people recalling information and then suddenly forgetting it, and other bizarre phenomenon. Privately, Christine has begun tracking these events, much to the eventual chagrin of Kyza and Scott, the MACUSA representatives assigned to the magical end of the case.

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Re: Matheson, Christine

Post by Shayne » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:42 pm

You exist! Good job.


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OOC Account
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Re: Matheson, Christine

Post by Shayne » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:48 pm



On this date, FEBRUARY 15th 2018, you have aged up one year.

This comment was left on your Facebook wall. wrote:Oh my god, CHRISTINE! Happy birthday! We're still on for drinks right? xoxo, #winelife. Bring Jods! Don't worry, Sharon made the cake this time. #lastyeardisaster #thisyearFIERCE. Love you :blush: :heart: :cake: :angel:

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