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Rockstars, Groupies and Potions Homework

For all past RP, in any location. Put where and when it takes place at the top of the first post in the thread.
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Rockstars, Groupies and Potions Homework

Post by Isadorabelle » Sun Apr 01, 2018 11:17 pm

1975, Hogwarts.

Hogwarts would look so different once they were gone. Lucius watched some mudblood first year walk by, clutching her books to her like somehow they’d protect her from this strange world that they told her she belonged in. She didn’t, and she’d figure it out soon enough. Glancing about he made sure no professors were around to give him grief and then lazily started strolling along behind her. Just before he turned into the Great Hall, he discreetly tossed a hex her way and barely stopped himself from snorting when her legs locked up like broomsticks and she fell face first. Her books went three feet in front of her and the shriek of surprise and then pain echoed off the walls, even with a good number of students going about their business.

As a small crowd formed to help her, he twisted and slipped into the Great Hall, cold grey eyes flicking over the good little witches and wizards working on their homework. His eyes fell on a greasy black head, bent over one of the tables like a branch of his favorite heavy weeping willow tree on the estate.

Walking up, he sat down beside Severus Snape, his posture languid as he turned his head to see what his favorite half blood groupie was up to.

“You’ll never get any if you don’t wash that hair and get out in the sun some. You look like a vampire.” Who needed to do his extra credit potions homework for him.

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Re: Rockstars, Groupies and Potions Homework

Post by Deceased Severus Snape » Sun Apr 01, 2018 11:58 pm

Severus straightened up almost immediately, the ordinary scowl that would've wrenched his features curiously absent even at Lucius's comments.

Instead he brushed aside one of his books that his arm had been braced and cramped over, closing it. It was a binder of parchment that held an impressive array of diagrams and ingredients for a complex potion of Slughorn's. Snape single-handedly made the best marks of their house, which meant he was smart, but unfortunately he lacked proper socialization.

Sometimes, Lucius thought he caught Snape's eyes following him when he entered a room, but usually he just jerked away and focused resolutely on his books and simmering cauldrons. Today was no different, although he did snort a bit. He could be witty, when he wasn't dreadfully nervous.

"Plenty of romance novels feature vampires," he responded sarcastically, clearing his throat.

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