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Green Fields

For all past RP, in any location. Put where and when it takes place at the top of the first post in the thread.
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Green Fields

Post by Qingying » Mon Jan 15, 2018 1:09 pm

A few days after the incident with Fergus, and about two weeks before the end of term, Brandt woke up to find something folded at the foot of his bed.
Upon inspection, he found that it was a pair of knitted socks – something one might wear at home - in his favourite shade of green.
There were rippling patterns of white on the cuffs, and each sock bore a silhouette of a horse, in darker green.

On the left sock was an American Quarter Horse, and on the right was an American Paint Horse with splashes of white. They trotted around, bucked, rolled, and behaved like horses in a field. When they grazed, the green ‘grass’ would disappear, and they would leave behind a trail of white. When the sock was completely white save for the horse, the ‘grass’ would reappear and turn the socks green one more.

The horses sometimes stayed in their own socks, but could also visit each other. When they did, they nuzzled, groomed each other, grazed, and slept together.

Brandt found that when he touched the sock, the horses paid attention to the position of his finger, looking over at it or coming over to be petted – which they appeared to enjoy. When his finger was on the sock, a silhouette of a bucket would also appear, from which he could take out silhouettes of various horse treats to feed to them. If he wanted the ‘grass’ to return before the sock was completely white, touching a white patch would make the socks turn green again.

Accompanying the socks was a note, the letters handwritten but appearing like the sans-serif font, Tahoma: Muggles will see normal socks, with the horses still, and the colours unchanging.

This wasn’t the first time Brandt had found items waiting for him when he returned to his room after class, or a table at the library after going to look for a book. Sometimes it was a note recommending a book related to his interests or studies, an interesting item he could play with or use, or was an edible treat or snack. Brandt didn’t know anyone with this kind of writing.

Upon entering the Great Hall, Brandt saw a large number of students wearing Christmas jumpers, and after meeting up with his friends, he learned they had also received charmed, knitted pieces of clothing.

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Re: Green Fields

Post by Young Brandt Grayson » Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:05 pm

They were the coolest socks Brandt had ever seen and he wore them as often as doing his Laundry would permit. He wondered who they had come from and upon learning he wasn't the only one to receive the anonymp us surprise gift, his curiosity was beyond peaked. "Could it be from one of the house elves?"

He didn't know. Whoever it was, though, Brandt wished he could thank them in person. Maybe some day he'd find out and get to do just that.

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