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Malfoy, Astoria

All characters in the game who are retired or not otherwise active.
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Astoria Malfoy (Circle)
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Joined: Sat Jan 06, 2018 3:39 pm
Wand: 9 1'4" Hornbeam, Unicorn, Hard
Position: Retiree
Location: England
School: Hogwarts
Player: Circle

Malfoy, Astoria

Post by Astoria Malfoy (Circle) » Sat Jan 06, 2018 4:28 pm

The Basics
  • Name. Astoria Magdalena Malfoy (née Greengrass).
    Age. 35.
    Birthday. April 2nd, 1982.
    Gender. Female.
    Species. Human.
    Blood Status. Pureblood.

    Position. Retiree.
    Location. London.
    School. Hogwarts.
    House. Ravenclaw.

    Wand. Hard hornbeam, 9 and 1/4 inches, unicorn tail hair.
    Patronus. Antelope.

    Face Claim. Gugu Mbatha-Raw.
    Share Face Claim? Yes.

    Mother. Maisie Greengrass.
    Father. Byron Greengrass.
    Siblings. Daphne Greengrass.
    Spouse. Draco Malfoy.
    Children. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy.
Anything Else?

1980 - Daphne born
1982 - Astoria born
1991 - Daphne goes to Hogwarts (Slytherin)
1993 - Astoria goes to Hogwarts (Ravenclaw)
2000 - Astoria graduates
2005/6 - Scorpius is born
2017 - Scorpius goes to Hogwarts (Slytherin)
2019 - Astoria dies

Also Lucius dies between 2008 and 2020.

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The Sorting Hat
The Powers That Be
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Re: Malfoy, Astoria

Post by The Sorting Hat » Sat Jan 06, 2018 8:37 pm


You have been accepted into RAVENCLAW house.

Ravenclaw is the house of Insight, Awareness and Mastery.

The current Head of Ravenclaw is MARLENA KATRIN.

Please check your private messages to receive your house COMMON ROOM PASSWORD. Even if you have graduated from Hogwarts, you are still able to access your alumni's common room.

Your occupation is RETIREE.
Any questions or concerns can be directed to Betty or Shayne or Username

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