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Post by Shayne » Mon Mar 12, 2018 8:46 am

Civil unrest in New York City continues after a group known as the Militia for Genetic Rights, pronounced Messenger by locals, takes credit for the bombing of a Planned Parenthood based in Brownsville. The center provided access to medical services for low-income citizens throughout Brooklyn, including mutants. The mayor is calling for any able-bodied volunteers to help in search-and-rescue and cleaning efforts. In a statement to the Chronicle, he's made it plainly clear that any citizen's assistance is appreciated.

remember the light and believe in the light
Anyone located in New York City can participate in this arc. You can reference these events at will in your posts and you'll be periodically pulled into scenarios that involve the escalating violence of Messenger, an anti-mutant terrorist organization targeting facilities that provide services to special classes.

an instant of clarity before eternal night

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