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Lehnsherr, Erik

Post by XMR Erik Lehnsherr » Wed Oct 17, 2018 9:37 am

magnus erik lehnsherr (גבריאל בן יעקב ו רות)
  • Age. 38.
    Gender. Male.
    Birthday. October 2nd.
    Species. Homo superior.
    Faction. Brotherhood.
    Occupation. CEO of Brotherhood Security.
    Location. Manhattan.
  • Mother. Ruth Eisenhardt (deceased).
    Father. Jakob Eisenhardt (deceased).
    Paternal aunt. Selia Lehnsherr (nee Eisenhardt).
    Paternal uncle. Benjamin Lehnsherr.
    Paternal cousin. Elishat Lehnsherr.
  • Mutation. Metallic Manipulation. Erik can manipulate (but not create) substances which are comprised of or contain metal in large enough quantities (i.e. he cannot control biological organisms despite the presence of iron molecules). It is speculated that his abilities will grow to include the control of magnetic fields, but thus far he is unable to do so. He can bend without effort approximately a ton (roughly a car), but anything more than this is either impossible or requires serious exertion. In addition to his mutation, Erik also possesses a pair of earbuds that drown out psionic interference, rendering him immune to Charles Xavier's (or any others') telepathy.
  • Image Played by Ishai Golan. This face claim is unshared.

    Alignment. Chaotic Neutral.

    Skills. Erik's native language is Modern Hebrew, but he speaks and reads fluent English, German, Modern Standard and Palestinian Arabic. He holds the equivalent of a current EMT-P certification and is licensed to act as an armed security officer, he also runs his own business, Brotherhood Security, which despite being a shell corporation does offer services to a select clientele (namely Independent mutants) in the form of protection/guarding, patrols, maintenance and private investigation. He possesses strong hand-to-hand skills and knows his way around a chopper.

    Appearance & Personality. Holds himself formally, but is a gregarious individual and a 'hand talker,' like many Israelis. He laughs easily and frequently, and most would describe him as friendly, but determined and focused. He is direct in speech, very blunt, and not one to mince words. Dresses modestly, usually in shades of dark blue or black, always in clothes that are ready to move with him in action. (Combat boots, a light jacket, utility pants, etc are common choices). He appreciates the finer things in life though and this is reflected in the Brotherhood Complex decor, with warm colors and lively art. Erik wears hats, constantly. Sometimes they're zany, other times utilitarian.

    Anything Else? Magnus "Max" Eisenhardt was born in Sderot, Israel, a city in the western Negev desert colloquially termed the bomb shelter capital of the world. Due to its war-zone proximity and the prominent religious zionism of his community, they were frequent targets of rocket attacks, IED detonations, protests and elevated crime in general.

    He lost his parents young in one such attack, wherein his mutant abilities manifested at the age of 10. He redirected a slew of tear gas canisters into the crowd and imploded them, forcing the conflict to an end, though for him it would only be the beginning of a lifetime of conflict. He relocated after to Haifa, to live with his aunt and uncle Ben and Selia, which was an abrupt change of pace from the usual '7 seconds or you're dead run' pace of his former life.

    In Haifa he flourished, developing from a broody and angry child into a compassionate young man with a zeal for social justice and volunteering. Both Selia and Benjamin instilled in him a sense of strong ethical guidelines, but these would be tempered through his formative experiences with the need to act and not just speak. His cousin, whom he grew to view as a sister, was exempted from the draft to dedicate herself to full-time yeshiva study, but Erik as he came to be known competed with his graduating year hard to score a prestigious spot in the Tzahal following his tzav rishon.

    With stellar grades, the personal drive to get involved and a suitable psychometric result, he passed gibush Sayeret, and received an invitation along with 70 other men out of the original 400 candidates to join Unit 669. His training lasted 18 months at the Paratroopers' Brigade training base, followed by the Sayeret Medical Course where he learned rope rescue, free diving, escape exercises, parachuting, night extractions, extractions under fire, ASR, SAR and counterterrorism training. Throughout his tour he was a non-piloting flight medic of the Pinu'i (extraction) team.

    He served in Tzahal for 10 years, finally being medically discharged following a severe shrapnel injury that required his right hand to be rebuilt with metallic screws and pins. Officially no longer able to perform fine motor activities with his right hand (although, after surgery this became easier as he was able to use his abilities to essentially move his hand), he pursued education in the wake of action and was accepted to Haifa University's Religious Studies program. He fulfilled an extracurricular volunteering prerequisite by volunteering for Magen David Adom's International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) tracing service, which is where he met Professor Charles Xavier and his CIA contact Dr. Moira MacTaggart.

    When the head of the ITS department in Haifa, Daniel Shomron, was kidnapped by a Nazi sympathizer and thrown on a plane with a bag over his head, Charles and Erik revealed to one another their mutant status in order to assist him. This would cement their burgeoning friendship, although tension became immediately apparent when they were attacked by von Strucker's thugs. Erik had to be stopped from killing von Strucker in self-defense, whereas Charles desired a peaceful resolution to the conflict. Peace won the day, but their differences surfaced early on.

    While Charles left Germany for Egypt, Erik returned and completed his bachelor degree by 2014. In 2012 he visited Charles after he was paralyzed by Raze, and reunited with Daniel under considerably less perilous circumstances. After receiving his degree, with the rise of anti-mutant sentiment in the United States, and recalling one of the few mutants (and honestly, friends) he knew, this prompted his decision to see the newly-formed Xavier Institute first-hand. Unfortunately following grave ideological differences in response to a variety of incidents (despite developing the SAR programs that the Institute still uses to this day), he could no longer remain.

    Never one to fall back on half-measures, Erik left to found Brotherhood Security, a private armed security force which would become the shell corporation masking the Brotherhood of Mutants. This organization was a counterpart to Charles's X-Men, in that its participants would be adults, and their goal would not be education, it would be organization. Somehow, Charles and Erik remained friends, possibly because of their mutual interest in protecting mutants. Because Erik's facility was not equipped to house children and was frequently exposed to violence, he continues to drop off underaged rescuees at the Xavier Institute, not at the Brotherhood Complex, and he has on more than one occasion been contacted by Charles to assist the X-Men on missions.

    To the public, Magneto is an enigma. He has been seen on the news fighting alongside the X-Men, but at the same time has published countless manifestos in the underground detailing the need for mutants to learn to defend themselves against the growing sentiment within the government for regulation and identification of mutants as a gateway to violating mutant rights. He has also claimed responsibility for guerrilla-style tactics at events designed to frighten their participants away and make bold statements. These include tear gas, vandalism, theft, assault, and yes, killing when it's necessary.

    In compensation for his assistance, Charles has balanced Erik's life on a careful tightrope, shielding him where possible from legal consequences while determined to intervene when the Brotherhood acts in a vengeful or violent manner. Of course, Magnus Lehnsherr hasn't been linked to any specific crimes, and his manifestos are carefully worded as not to implicate himself, so he walks a fairly fine line with law enforcement as well (who are continually poking their nose into his business, necessitating a shell corporation in the first place).

    At the moment the two factions exist in a state of cold war, acknowledging one another's existence and depending on one another in an unusual economic balance, while at the same time, ultimately diametrically opposed at their core. It's a tightrope balance, and one that members on both sides frequently and loudly hear being argued at their weekly chess matches. Charles still believes that Erik has some shred of idealism inside of him, while Erik plainly distrusts Xavier's vision and equates it with assimilation, a struggle that the telepath could simply never comprehend despite his powers.

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Re: Lehnsherr, Erik

Post by XMR Census » Wed Oct 17, 2018 2:41 pm

Welcome to Brotherhood Security, ERIK LEHNSHERR. Your occupation is CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER. You are aligned with THE BROTHERHOOD OF MUTANTS.
Any questions or concerns can be directed to Betty or Shayne or Username

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