Toreel, Jacran

Accepted characters for X-Men: Reboot.
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XMR Census
X-Men Reboot
X-Men Reboot
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Re: Toreel, Jacran

Post by XMR Census » Mon Mar 05, 2018 5:06 pm

Welcome to the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning, JACRAN TOREEL. Your occupation is INSTRUCTOR OF PHYSICAL DEFENSE TACTICS. You are aligned with THE X-MEN.
Any questions or concerns can be directed to Betty or Shayne or Username

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XMR Jacran Toreel
X-Men Reboot
X-Men Reboot
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Position: Physical Defense Tactics
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Mutation: Motor Mimicry
Alignment: X-Men
Player: Shayne

Re: Toreel, Jacran

Post by XMR Jacran Toreel » Thu Oct 18, 2018 8:27 am

jacran mayiz toreel
  • Age. 37.
    Gender. Male.
    Birthday. September 6.
    Species. Homo superior.
    Faction. X-Men.
    Occupation. Physical Defense Tactics.
    Location. Westchester, New York
  • Mother. Leila Mirin (deceased).
    Father. Andrew Mirin (deceased).
    Guardian. Tallah Ral-Shirāzi (unk).
    Extended. Gavril Toreel (deceased).
  • Mutation. Motor Mimicry. Jack is able to perfectly replicate any movement that he sees, whether in real life or through media. He can store one skill at a time, choosing to keep or supersede skills at will, and possesses a smartphone on hand with preloaded slots of maneuvers he uses frequently. This ability also applies to phonology, instruments and singing. He is much less effective if his eyes are blocked. As offshoots of his primary mutation he also has enhanced hand-eye coordination, agility and reflexes to accommodate rapid muscular memory and deployment.

  • Image Played by Goran Visnjic. This face claim is shared.

    Alignment. Lawful Good.

    Anything Else? Born in Bosnia-Herzegovina after the onset of the war, lost his parents young in a shootout after evacuation to Istanbul. Raised on the streets by Tallah (gang-adjacent and then inducted) until he could save enough money to immigrate to the United States at age 19. Worked as a dishwasher for years, received high school diploma, attended MIT's Bachelor of Engineering program (BSc Hons). He was an armed guard for Harper Industries following. His mutation developed gradually and manifested noticeably around the age of thirteen, absent any traumatic trigger. He was approached by Warren Worthington to visit the Xavier Institute after the Avenging Angel witnessed Jack's exceptional physical agility. He accepted a position as a full-time teacher with little prompting. Jack has social anxiety disorder. He speaks Bosnian, Classical Arabic, English and Turkish.

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