In a time where mutations are just beginning to manifest in 2018, the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning has opened its doors to offer safe haven; meanwhile other nefarious groups and factions are forming to let the world know they are here and they will not be oppressed by tyrannical government restrictions. Which side are you on?
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X-Men Reboot
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who's who
This page includes face claims, canon claims, occupations and mutant abilities so you can check and see if yours is a duplicate. Duplicates are totally fine, but it's nice to have some variety! Face claims in black are unshared. Face claims in green are shared. Face claims in purple were shared by their original owner, and then unshared by a secondary owner. blue characters do not have face claims. All canon characters automatically have unshared face claims, regardless of if the claim appears in media.
  • Shayne
    • Headmaster of Xavier Institute of Higher Learning. Charles Xavier played by Logan Lerman (Telepathy)
      Security Guard. Sabah al-Zaman played by Amr Waked (Molecular Manipulation)
      Physical Defense Tactics. Jacran Toreel played by Goran Visnjic (Motor Mimicry)
      EM Resident. Lawrence Keelan played by Raul Bova (Empathic Replication)
      • Freelancer. Young Lawrence Keelan played by David Mazouz
      SIGINT Officer. William Stryker played by Nathaniel Buzolic (Non-Mutant)
      Private Security. Hale Mizana played by Khaled Abol Naga (Pyrokinesis)
      Private Security. Alexia Parish played by Rachael Taylor (Danger Empowerment)
      X-Student. Benjie de la Vega played by Alden Richards (Vector Mapping)
      CEO of Brotherhood Security. Erik Lehnsherr played by Ishai Golan (Metallic Manipulation)
    • Integrative Studies. Qingying (Energy Manipulation)
      Unconfirmed. Heron Ray (Fate Manipulation)
    Betty Noir
    • Mechanic. Brandt Grayson played by Timothy Olyphant (Tactile Absorption)
      Art. Leeloo Zahra played by Ruby Rose (Vocal Persuasion)
      Private Security. Axel Sestol played by Drew Van Acker (Lust Inducement)
      Unconfirmed. Elizabeth Braddock played by Unconfirmed (Psychokinesis)
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    • Masters Student. Scott Summers played by Scott Eastwood (Optic Blasts)
Any questions or concerns can be directed to Betty or Shayne or Username

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