In a time where mutations are just beginning to manifest in 2018, the Xavier Institute of Higher Learning has opened its doors to offer safe haven; meanwhile other nefarious groups and factions are forming to let the world know they are here and they will not be oppressed by tyrannical government restrictions. Which side are you on?
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  • staff will not, nor will they ever intervene in member to member conflicts.
  • the best advice staff can give you is that if you don't like someone, don't interact with them.
  • there are no word counts on any part of the site. one-liners and rapiding are encouraged.
  • you don't need to ask permission to do things, but prepare to accept IC consequences for IC behavior.
  • there are no limitations in terms of abilities. just be responsible. this board is intended for everyone.
  • as of now only x-men canons and original characters are permitted. no aliens or other marvel canons.
  • you are free to style your application how you see fit, simply ensure the information stays in tact.
  • we do use face claims on XMR. you may use a public entity or artwork with credit. 
  • in lieu of a face claim, you may describe your character's physical appearance instead.
  • members who are abusive will be removed without warning.
  • we are a 3/3/3 rated site. nothing is 'off limits,' but courtesy is expected.
  • underage members may not participate in graphic threads, but they are permitted to join the site.
  • characters below 18 years of age may not be involved in graphic threads. 
  • keep all images clean and above-board. images in signatures are not allowed.
  • we are a sandbox-style site, which means that you are free to start site-wide or personal plots at liberty.
  • trigger warnings are not used on any content. consider this a global trigger warning. 
  • we do not reject characters at XMR, but you may be asked to edit if canon-breaking information is present in your app.
  • character personalities and histories are not scrutinized, we check apps purely for factual accuracy.
  • we are an account-per-character site. please register an OOC account as well.
  • don't hesitate to contact a staff member if you have any questions or concerns.
Any questions or concerns can be directed to Betty or Shayne or Username

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