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the zoo

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the zoo

Post by Shayne » Wed Jan 17, 2018 8:27 pm

OK! Here is the zoo. For the record this is not an actual zoo, it is an exhibit put on by an animal rescue organization in my area. All of these animals are rescue/rehabilitation.

The spider-hand picture, that's the tarantula on my hand. My hand is the super tiny one. Shut up about my tiny hands. You could feel its little legs plonking around on you, so cool.

I forget what the snake was in all honesty, but I think they said it was a python. Its name was Lemonade and after he dropped it on the stage we all got to go up and see her close up!

The bird with the huge wingspan is named Desi and she's a vulture, you can see her bald head if you look.

I was fucking off on my phone for the alligator thing. It's NOT an alligator, or a crocodile, so I don't know what it is but it was pretty cool so I snapped a pic. Oh, my friend informs me it's a Caiman, which is an alligatorid crocodilian but not an actual alligator or crocodile.

We were all able to handle the tortoise very well because he wasn't as fragile or dangerous as the other animals, so we got to feel his shell. Also, when they lifted him up onto the stage, he peed right on it. YOLO.

The sloth was named Linus, and they kept him wrapped up in the blanket the entire time. We weren't allowed to touch, but he reached his little toes out a lot. SUPER cute. I got like 25 pics of him, no regrets.

Oh, and the horned owl was the first animal we got to see, and I got a picture RIGHT in her face. Pretty happy about that. Look at dem eyeballz.

The ferrets and budgies we got to hold, since they were domesticated. Adorable leetle things.

Some of the pictures of the reptiles are blurry because those guys are inside terrariums, so we weren't able to see them up close.

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