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Vilayrs, Kyza

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:36 pm
by Kyza Vilayrs
The Basics
  • Name. Kyza Vilayrs.
    Age. 28.
    Birthday. July 10th.
    Gender. Male.
    Species. Human.
    Blood Status. Pureblood.

    Position. Auror (MACUSA).
    Location. New York City.
    School. Ilvermorny.
    House. Wampus.
    Wand. 8 1/2" Hawthorn, Runespoor Fang, Hard.
    Patronus. Skunk.

    Face Claim. Cillian Murphy.
    Share Face Claim? Yes.

    Mother. Mavine Vilayrs.
    Father. Criyel Vilayrs.

Anything Else?


Re: Vilayrs, Kyza

Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2017 10:46 pm
by The Sorting Hat

You have been accepted into WAMPUS house.

Wampus represents the Body and favors Warriors.

The current Head of Wampus is MYSTERIOUS.

Please check your private messages to receive your house COMMON ROOM PASSWORD. Even if you have graduated from Ilvermorny, you are still able to access your alumni's common room.

Your occupation is AUROR.

Re: Vilayrs, Kyza

Posted: Mon Aug 06, 2018 9:54 pm
by The Ministry of Magic


On behalf of THE MAGICAL CONGRESS OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, we acknowledge this day, JUNE 10TH 2018, to represent the momentous occasion of your 28TH birthday.

In honor of this celebration, please accept attached to this owl a most humbly wrapped parcel, inside which you will find one complimentary BROOMSTICK POLISH KIT, provided by one of the local shops in our area.

Keep up the good work!