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Veler, Simon

A listing of all accepted characters located at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
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Simon Veler
Posts: 28
Joined: Fri Oct 12, 2018 2:00 pm
Wand: 9 1/2" Olive, Sekwi, Quite Bendy
Position: Professor of Applied Sciences
Location: Scotland
School: Ilvermorny
Player: Shayne

Veler, Simon

Post by Simon Veler » Tue Oct 09, 2018 8:25 pm

szymon bartosz veler
  • Notes. Anglicized as Simon, pronounced she-mone.
    Age. 45.
    Birthday. October 16th.
    Gender. Male.
    Nationality. American, Polish citizen.
    Species. Human.
    Blood Status. Half-Blood.
    Position. Professor of Applied Sciences.
    Location. Scotland.
    School. Ilvermorny, Yale.
    House. Thunderbird.
  • Mother. Leja Veler (nee Czaja).
    Father. Janas Veler.
    Brothers. Alan, Hayim.
    Sisters. Tessa, Rebecca, Joni, Alex.
    Grandmother. Amanda Cjaza (deceased).
    Grandfather. Bartek Czaja.
    Ex-wife. Elisha Weiss.
    Daughters. Ziva Veler-Weiss, Yael Veler-Weiss.

    After several rocky years, Simon has reconciled with all but one of his siblings (Alan) and both of his parents. He visits them once a week for Shabbos, and adores his six nieces and nephews. His family are all aware of his wizard status, and so are several in his neighborhood, and the insular community is protective as it is clannish. Simon has two daughters by his ex-wife Elisha, and their mother held custody of them and they were raised in Krakow. As the magical community is all but nonexistent there, both are starting their first year at Hogwarts in the UK. This partially inspired Simon's decision to accept work there. Ziva was Sorted into Slytherin, Yael into Hufflepuff.
  • Wand. 9 1/2" Olive, Sekwi thread core.
    Patronus. Lion.
    Amortentia. Bread, candles, desert, busy hospitals.
    Boggart. Harm to his children.

  • Image Played by Victor Garber. This face claim is shared.

    Anything Else? Born in Crown Heights, New York to an Orthodox family. Received word at age 11 that he was a wizard, which created the usual chaos, but eventually it was decided that it would be more harmful to keep him from magic. He was sorted into Thunderbird at Ilvermorny. Going off the derech so to speak as a young adult caused a rift with his parents and siblings which mended itself with time.

    As an adult he attended a wizarding yeshiva in Israel for two years, slanted in the direction of magic as it applies to Torah and Talmudic law. The state of magic in Israel is, unsurprisingly, polarized between datim and hilonim, with the more hardline sects disapproving of literal witchcraft as idolatry, while opposing ideologies do not believe magic can be classified as such since it exists on its own and not in service of other gods. The magical community is nonetheless alive and thriving, with Israel's school of magic spread out amongst separately-minded kibbutzim. Each kibbutz is its own campus, independently sustainable and comprising different values; right/left, religious/secular, physical/protective, natural/scientific.

    Spells in Hebrew tend to be a lot more, let's just say... with a mind of their own, and you have to be comfortable with the fact that results may vary. Simon's maternal grandmother Amanda Cjaza was a witch who had hidden herself amongst muggles to avoid (additional) persecution, but his grandfather (for whom he was named) spoke in halting sentences of the very few times she'd revealed her magic to him, and even possessed her wand (the fickle Olive/Sekwi combination), which became Simon's own.

    His presence at Hogwarts comes on the heels of a new program aimed at cultivating scientific and muggle knowledge in developing minds, as the first of its kind, Simon has been instrumental in creating its curriculum with the hopes that this pilot will be the blueprint to disseminating further classes throughout additional international magical schools.

    Simon is, unshockingly, a book worm and his office and room are both home to extensive collections ranging from the utilitarian (Physician's Desk Reference) to the obscure (Heartbreak by Andrea Dworkin). He covets biographies and breathes poetry in the works of Celan, Ginsberg, Szymborska and Edwin Markham. Being a middling-to-average wizard, Simon devotes most of his time to study and science, excelling as a Healer primarily because of his intellect rather than any innate skill.

    He is a dramatic soul, old at heart and spry of foot. He talks with his hands, in his mild New York City cant. He relies on humor to balance the darkness in the world, holding each in his palms as though in a delicate juggling match, but don't let it be said that he'll ever refrain from telling you exactly what he thinks. His life is an interesting struggle between the dichotomy of science and faith, but contradictions are where he lives most comfortably, and he nearly takes pleasure in it. In tone and conversation he is a witty, lighthearted chatterbox with a sarcastic cherry on top, although he rarely levels this at others.

    Uniquely, Simon possesses the ability to instantly know both the properties and history of any object that he touches, including people. The Sekwi, seer blood in him manifests in a sort of directed psychometry, which he typically employs as a Healer. He can speak Yiddish (native), Hebrew (2 yrs Tzfat), English (native) and Polish (4 yrs Krakow), and he is certified to conceal-carry a muggle handgun, though he prefers not to carry a weapon, engage in dueling or employ violence at all. Simon is not a fighter, preferring to use words and knowledge and books to win battles rather than force.

    The witches and wizards in Simon's family all tend toward two traits: white hair, and cyan eyes. Simon inherited the white hair, but possesses his grandfather's features, including his dark eyes. He wears crocheted kippot (kippah seruga) in public, usually with complex geometric designs in splashy shapes and colors. He alternates between muggle and wizarding clothing, though his robes are typically (as is common with those born to mostly-muggle families) understated tones of black and silver.

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