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Hallin, Kol

Contains biographies for AU characters.
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Sentinel Kol Hallin
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Hallin, Kol

Post by Sentinel Kol Hallin » Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:21 pm

The Basics
  • Name. Kol Hallin.
    Age. 30.
    Gender. Male.
    Species. Sentinel.
    Blood Status. Half-Blood.

    Position. Sentinel.
    Location. San Francisco.
    School. Ilvermorny.
    House. Wampus.
    Wand. None.
    Patronus. Chimaera.

    Face Claim. Kit Harington.
    Share Face Claim? Yes.

    Mother. Unknown.
    Father. Vherza Hallin.
    Siblings. None.
Anything Else?

On the night of Leda Keelan's murder, the Veela captured Kol, a wizard at the time.

And he was never seen again.

They gave him two choices. Death, or exile from the world as he knew it. Magical and muggle. A self-preservationist at heart, Kol elected for exile. In this new world, the future had moved forward for those without magic. Kol struggled at first to adjust to lacking magical abilities. His wand was gone. He had no home, and no one knew of any such Kol Hallin in their database. He didn't exist in this world.

And so he became, what all those who slip through the cracks become. Homeless. But he doesn't realize that things are about to become a lot more interesting for him, as his plunge into this world precipitates a whole new set of problems. For the first time in the past two hundred years, a Sentinel has awoken:

Kol Hallin.

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