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Kirk, James

Contains biographies for AU characters.
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Guide James Kirk (Circle)
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Kirk, James

Post by Guide James Kirk (Circle) » Thu Nov 30, 2017 10:33 pm

The Basics
  • Name. James Tiberius Kirk.
    Age. 30.
    Gender. Male.
    Species. Human.
    Blood Status. No-Maj.

    Position. Commanding Officer.
    Location. USS Enterprise.
    School. Starfleet Academy.
    Track. Command.

    Face Claim. Chris Pine.
    Share Face Claim? No.

    Mother. Winona Kirk.
    Father. George Kirk.
    Siblings. Sam Kirk.
Anything Else?

How did you even go into his life?

What about how he wasn't born on Earth, he was born in space two months premature in a sterile shuttle that combined with the radiation gave him an allergy list as long as his arm?

Or maybe what about how his birthday had always been USS Kelvin Memorial Day and he was always the Littlest Survivor no matter where he went, look at him, do you know what his dad did?

Yeah, let's start there, but let's back up just a little bit, because while Kirk's father may have affected his life as an "aw poor thing" star, it was his mother who had the real impact.

So instead let's start in Riverside, Iowa, with two young boys and a mom tied down to a life she never wanted.

Let's start with her brother Frank, who offered to help care for the family, but couldn't bring the Kirk boys under control.

Let's start with how Sam ran off and Kirk drove a car off a cliff and no one came to get him at the juvie center for a day and when they did it was to send him off to Tarsus and two years later he got to be a little more famous when the rescue crews found him, with that one picture - I bet you've seen it - of a gaunt looking batch of children, filthy and despondent and all looking away except one boy in the center, hardly recognizable except for furiously blue eyes that demanded answers, the only one looking dead on at the viewer and practically raging back.

Yeah how about we talk about that.

Or maybe later when he had no support, because Starfleet was a fucked up organization that didn't know how to handle the Tarsus survivors, so he spent the next six years working in mechanic shops and getting drunk and breaking into whatever so he could bum meals off the free jail system, thanks tax payers for your contribution to society, Kirk appreciates it, seriously.

Or let's go a step further than that, to how he never backed off of dares, how no one ever dared him to do anything and got away with it, and that's how he ended up in Starfleet in the first place under the unmovable wing of one Captain Christopher Pike, who didn't seem really shaken by Kirk's antics.

Or how about that fucking mindmeld with SPOCK NUMBER TWO (??) that had been forced on him and he didn't know how to handle, but maybe a friendship with Spock (the actual Spock) wouldn't be so bad, you know?

Or what about later still, how Khan - no, John Harrison, because Khan was classified - took the only father Kirk had ever known, the inspiration and reason why he joined Starfleet in the first place.

Should we stop? Are we good?

You're welcome. We're done.

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