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Kol [wip]

Contains biographies for AU characters.
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X-Men Reboot
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Kol [wip]

Post by XMR Kol » Thu Nov 30, 2017 11:21 pm

serik hallin
  • Age. 62.
    Gender. Male.
    Birthday. June 21st.
    Species. Homo superior.
    Faction. Independent.
    Occupation. Leader of Vayei.
    Location. Drifter.
  • Mother. Unknown.
    Father. Vherza Hallin.
    Wife. Leda Keelan (deceased).
    Sons. Lawrence Keelan, Mahra Keelan (deceased).
  • Mutation. Invulnerability. Kol cannot be physically injured by external force, energy, or illness. He ages at the same rate as an ordinary human and will likely pass on once his telomeres degrade past the point of sustainability, but thus far he is in excellent physical condition and maintains the health of a man forty years his senior. He does not possess superstrength and can be confined, and he does experience pain in certain conditions, he simply endures it knowing he will survive. He is immune to all forms of drugs and alcohol.
  • Played by Mandy Patinkin. This face claim is shared.

    Alignment. True Neutral.

    Anything Else? Kol was part of the United States's now-dismantled, highly-classified Sentinel program, an experimental conditioning facility devoted to training human weapons, with an emphasis on those who were discovered to be evolved humans. At the time mutants were a fantasy, a fairy tale whispered in back rooms. Kol was identified as an infant and subjected to repetitive programming designed to strip him of free will and empathy in service of the military, but this failed when he was a young adult and he fell in love with a student named Leda. He escaped the confines of his rigorous life and attempted to build a family with her, but snapped and burned it all to the ground. He left his last living son behind and disappeared. Now, he has risen through the ranks of a well-organized crime syndicate, Vayei, to take the mantle as leader. Not much is known about the group's operations or base of location, but they deal in weapons and human trafficking, drugs, and armed escorts.

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