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Keep Your Wand Steady

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Keep Your Wand Steady

Post by Theo » Sun Mar 11, 2018 3:21 pm

Keep Your Wand Steady!


Potter is missing.
Hogwarts is ruled by Death Eaters.
Voldemort has taken over the Ministry.

In a world that is already so torn over the forces of good and evil, a chaotic neutral has risen to the surface. The Maculata, a group born in secrecy, and wanting more than peace. They want justice, and are willing to go to extreme lengths to ensure they get it. Feeling empowered by their successful capture of Harry Potter, their plans are growing bolder every day.

With purebloods going missing and muggleborns being tortured for answers, nowhere is safe anymore.

Dark times lie ahead, so watch your back and Keep Your Wand Steady.

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