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Not Your Heroes

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The Voice of CONTROL

Not Your Heroes

Post by The Voice of CONTROL » Wed Mar 06, 2019 6:44 pm



Enter the Megacity: a technological marvel built after the fallout of a bio-nuclear fourth world war. A place of refuge against the radioactive wasteland that now dominates Earth, it is home to both human and synthetic lifeforms, along with a new step in mankind's evolution: the Axion. They are human beings whose DNA has been mutated by the radioactive fallout, granting them superhuman abilities and attributes. They live in a society that labels them as monsters, that seeks to control or condemn them. Theirs is a struggle just to exist.

In this technological jungle, who are you? Human? Synthetic? Axion? Do you have not only what it takes to survive life in the Megacity, but to thrive in it as well?

Whether you live or die, always keep one thing in mind: we are NOT YOUR HEROES!

Home - Rules - FAQ - Prologue - Glossary - Powers - Discord

- We have ZERO restrictions on character roles: be a sinner or a saint
- ZERO Word Counts
- Easy Activity Check
- Rated “R-18” For Adults
- Faction Action! Form your own Gang, Cult or Crew

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