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Mantigi Canon & Marsh Sister

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Mantigi Canon & Marsh Sister

Post by Shayne » Sat Dec 23, 2017 6:21 pm

So, over here me and Betty are going to be expanding on a fandom school, the Mantigi School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which is located in Tararua, New Zealand.

At the school, there is a werewolf pack known as the Marsh Clan who practice purely-species mating, which makes them full werewolves and not chained to transformation only at the full moon. This means they have additional abilities while not in their wolf form (and while they can transform at any time, they must transform at the full moon, obviously). Wolfsbane, silver, vervain, and other things like that they are still susceptible too.

Either way, I'm really interested in developing the climate of Mantigi as well as New Zealand, having already established that they are much more lenient on Beings than in the US or UK. They have strict sentience laws than in any other location around the world and those who qualify under its edicts are permitted to go to school and carry a wand, but there are still some prejudices left over, and some non magical prejudices as well, regarding the Maori community on the island. These sentience laws were only recently passed in the last five years, and many people are having trouble adjusting to the idea of a werewolf as part of Mantigi's faculty.

As such, the Marsh Clan lives in the woods surrounding Mantigi and not within ordinary society.

Sonne and Soleil are sisters who are both up for packmaster of the Marsh pack, so I would be interested in someone who plays Soleil. Sonne is a very strong, mature, solid leader while Soleil is more wild, artistic and flighty. Sonne is always trying to take care of her and guide her life, while Soleil resists all authority, including that of her pack. Sonne teaches COMC and Soleil is an artist, which Sonne always tries to convince her isn't a real job. Sonne is a mainstreamer in the community while Soleil believes that werewolves and humans are separate and equal, meaning they shouldn't mix, and that humans can't understand what it's like to be a werewolf.

FC wise, Sonne is played by Adrianne Palicki, so preferably someone who looks like her!

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