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Description: Article by Betty

Categories: Lore

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Species : Marid Djinn
Immortal/Long lived/Age : Semi-Immortal
Gender : Either

For the most part, Djinn, or Genies as they or known primarily throughout the western world, are a supernatural creature born in Arab folklore and Islamic mythology. They are thought to come from a world parallel to our own.

In most lore, Djinn are made of smokeless flame or are the spirits of dust devils (hence the term) and like human beings, they are both free-willed and can be good, evil, or neutral. They tend to live in their own communities, are usually invisible to mortals and can change their shape. As this is what has been largely regarded about the mysterious beings since the Islamic Golden Age.

Marid specifically are regarded as the most powerful of the Djinn, and the most vain. As powerful supernatural beings, in ancient time that had retinues of followers and their own domains. Marid are most often depicted as indifferent and aloof about mortals, which can be more terrifying than outright hostility.

It was in the time before Allah, before the people united under Islam, that an ancient warlord, with the help of his personal sorcerer, invented what the Djinn now call the Lost Rite in hushed tones. The details of the rite were lost long ago, but it was through this ritual that the first Djinn was stripped of their free will, bound to a lamp, and forced to serve the master of the lamp, bound to grant their every desire. Many more Djinn soon followed the same fate.

There followed a great war between mortal and Djinn. Both sides suffered many losses, and many more imprisoned or enslaved, bound to new masters, new 'homes.' The worst about the binding was that the Djinn was often bound in life. If their master, or their lam was destroyed, usually they were destroyed along with it. So many losses, most of the remaining free Djinn fell into hiding or left our treacherous world behind. Is it any wonder why the Marid turned so indifferent to our race?

Those that did remain no longer walked so openly in their natural forms. They hid, and they worked diligently, and in secret, hidden among the humans, to find and destroy any knowledge of the rite. Men began to fight among men. New immortal beings were discovered, and Genies soon faded into myth, and legend. No more than childs stories to tell at night, with a few vague references in ancient Islamic texts, but nothing about how to capture one. This was how it should be. They preferred it that way. Everyone was safer, especially the Marid.

Time went on, and not all Djinn hated men. Some, in fact, were rather fond of the mortals. Maybe too fond. It was unheard of to love a mortal, and even more unheard of to bring a Half-breed into the world, yet that was exactly what happened when Ravi was born. His mother showed him a great deal of love an affection in the beginning. She trained him well to use his powers and his gifts, but even she could not escape her own nature. She missed her home, she missed her kin, and with Ravi in tow she was not welcome in her world. So while, it broke her heart, when she felt he was capable enough to be on his own, she left him with his Human kin and never looked back.

Ravi didn't have any ill will towards his mother. He understood why she left and he was happy to be on his own and to make his name in the world.

Power Ideas :
○ Shape - Marid Djinn can appear like your basic human, however they also have their more powerful Djinn form which is most often described as Giant, or Giantess, ranging anywhere from ten to 50 feet tall. Almost always have some variation of blue hued skin, and are partially made up of smoke, or fire, or dust, or whatever element they control.
○ Elemental Manipulation - Earth, Fire, Water, Air. A Marid can possess ONE elemental power which will be tied to their other abilities.
Earth - User can create, shape and manipulate earth and "earthen" elements including most solid objects, specifically all minerals and mineral compositions regardless of their state (mountain, boulder, sand or dust), dirt, soil, etc. Manipulating Flora and Fauna is also included in this ability, aka plants and animals. Ravi specifically is gifted with the ability to manipulate Earth and nature. He can make things grow, shake the earth, summon a dust storm, crumble a mountain, sprout a tree , erupt a volcano, commune with animals. Basically if it exists in nature or is of the earth, he can summon or manipulate it to his will. He can only use this power in his Marid/Djinn form, however, and like all magic it can be cancelled out by a more powerful magic user or a null.
○ Healing Touch - This power is tied specifically to Ravi and his ability to manipulate nature, and earth, Ravi can take away the pain or heal any wounded mortal. He would have to both be touching the wounded party, and the ground at the same time, where he in essence absorbs or pulls the pain into himself, and channels it back out into the earth to absorb and resolve naturally. He absolutely cannot bring people back from the dead, Aladdin got that part right! However, if the person is still alive and just wounded, he can heal their wounds and save their life.
The touch is less effective on Supernatural beings and would require much more energy and concentration and can be dangerous to his personal health. As most supernaturals possess their own quick healing abilities, however, he has never really seen or understood the need to use this power on one.
He can use this power in either his Human or Djinn forms, though it is more effective in his Djinn form
○ Marid Physiology - The Marid are considered the most powerful of the Djinn, having especially great elemental-based powers. Like every Djinn they have free will and may be either a believer or an unbeliever in Allah, and may be good or evil. They are not truly immortal but age at a massively decelerated rate, and so can be called Semi-Immortal (nearly cosmic). As a Djinn, or half-Djinn of the Marid bloodline, Ravi possesses all the supernatural graces of his kind, including but not limited to, enhanced supernatural speed, healing, strength, and durability. Marid can also shapeshift between human and Djinn forms at will.
A Marid's powers are lessened in their human form, and are most powerful in their true Djinn form where they have the ability to fly, turn invisible, teleport vast distances, and control or manipulate their born element. (see above).
Ravi is only half Djinn, so his ability to use his powers rely heavily on energy and control. Just like a Lycanthrope, shifting into his Djinn form requires a lot of energy and control to maintain and after a shift and expenditure of his powers he requires rest and sleep to recuperate his spent energy. There is a magical potion his mother taught him to create that can instantly restore his magic, however, as the ingredients are insanely rare, and insanely difficult to prepare in a manner that is not fatal to ingest, he has only made a couple batches in his time and keeps the vials in a magic pouch, only to be used in dire/emergency situations.
○ Wish Granting - This isn't a Djinn power so much as it is a curse. The Djinn in nature possess free will and do not have to grant wishes, nor do they like to or even in some cases possess the ability to. There is, however, an ancient, albeit lost ritual that involves a lot of blood magic, very specific sacrificial offerings, and recitations in one of the dead sea languages, but the end result can bind a Marid to a master. The binding destroys their free will, locks them to their Djinn form, and thus unlocks the powers to distort reality, and grant wishes to their new master of which they are now a slave. There are limitations to the wishes, however. Usually the effects of the wish must be limited to their master him or her self. So no wishing for world peace, or world domination or anything like that, sorry about it. A Djinn could not kill anyone, but they could grant their master the means in which to do so themself. Wealth, fame, power. Those were all things a Marid could grant their master.
Many Djinn befell to this rite in ancient, darker times, which is why so many were lost and the world was racked with turmoil for so many ages (the dark ages, anyone?). Those few free Djinn remaining saw to it the knowledge was lost and destroyed before most then left this world of men behind, turning their existence into myth and speculation.
In relation to Ravi, he is only half Djinn, however he is bound by this same curse. If the knowledge of the lost rite was ever to be found and if anyone ever discovered his nature, he could very well be bound to this fate, like any Marid.
○ Name - *fill out if you bought
Weaknesses : 3 min
○ Can be killed by beheading, or a cursed blade to the heart.
○ Magical energy needs time to recuperate and if expended beyond their means, can force them into a hibernating/vulnerable state.
○ Can be enslaved through a very powerful magical rite.
○ Susceptible to others magic/magical manipulation/curses.
○ Cannot use their magic for their own gains or desires.




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