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How Medical School Works

How Medical School Works

Description: For modern RP/X-Men: Reboot.

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how medical school works
  • pick a bachelor program for your char to study, these are three to four years long, you can pick any bachelor in the world as long as you can equate it to your desire to pursue medicine
  • along with bachelor program you have to take qualifying courses in organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, math, and a bunch of other shit look it up, they are known as 'pre-reqs' or prerequisites
  • quick aside 'premed' is not an actual thing in the US if you're a 'premed' student that means you're in a bachelor program and intending to pursue a graduate medical degree, but there are no 'premed' degrees, 'premed' is just the accumulation of prerequisite courses + intention to apply to med school
  • char has to take the MCAT, scores ~2018 to get into good schools like harvard and johns hopkins should be above 520, the perfect score is 525, take a look at the scoring tables here. MCAT takes up a huge chunk of student time and the test is 6 hours in a room, lots of prep, no sleep, amino acids til you die. on the lower end of MCAT scores you will likely chose DO which is doctor of osteopathic medicine rather than allopathic or MD (medical doctor) degree. DO comprise most of the same curriculum but with an added osteopathic component
  • char gets into school of their choice obviously since its fiction, completes 4 year MD/DO med program, at this point school is broken down into steps. COMLEX is taken for DO students instead. MD students take step 1, which is the USMLE step 1 test which students take after graduating 2nd year of med school, step 2 is taken during 4th year and comprises CK (clinical knowledge) and CS (clinical skills). step 3 is taken after you obtain your MD/DO and all are necessary to obtain a license to practice medicine, without passing you cannot practice medicine.
  • pick a residency, residencies range from three to five years in a chosen subject, if you want more than one specialty try to make them connected and go for at least 5 years with combined curriculum, keep in mind different hospitals offer different residency programs and rotations so by doing a combined residency you might be shuttled around to 3-4 different hospitals
  • residencies for things like emergency medicine, PT, surgery, orthopedics, neurology, cardiology etc are extremely intensive and each require at least 5+ years each, so doing combined curriculum in like "a residency in neurology and cardiology" means your char spent 10+ years as a resident, also this is very unlikely IRL to occur [also switching residencies IRL after you chose one is very difficult which is why ppl are recommended to ensure they chose the one they want] but as its RP we operate by the motto of yolo
  • within each residency you are Matched across the board to hospitals, from a range of 'good' to 'we'll take you blah whatever.' it is extremely, extremely difficult to be Matched as an IMG (international medical graduate) in the united states. MDs from schools like st. james in the caribbean are almost never selected; your character could have 100s of thousands of bucks in debt and get their MD and then still be unable to practice medicine in the united states
  • you get matched to the hosp of your choice, yay, now you do your res for 3-6 years in your chosen field/s, after which you can operate autonomously either in your own practice, a hospital or a clinic, after this some ppl pursue fellowships in various subjects to further their academic career
  • dont forget your student loans are immense, med school graduates typically have an excess of 100,000 to 150,000 in student debt, and residents are only paid around 15 dollars an hour, so despite how glamorous being a practicing physician is, you really have to struggle for it unless you come from a wealthy family (which may drs do since often political preference is given to students with ties to academic institutions)
  • so this is like the traditional circumstances of being a doc, usually you start accumulating your experiences in high school or earlier, where you demonstrate that you are an achiever and that you are contributing to the world. ECs or extracurriculars are extremely important especially in hospitals with clinical experience, receiving letters of recommendation from volunteer coordinators and drs that you shadow etc
  • a non-trad is a student who enters the profession later in life, may not have applicable ECs, may have experiences such as a felony, learning disabilities, physical disabilities, trauma, received a GED, etc, anything that interferes with this typical course. certain residencies attract certain kinds of ppl, ortho and EM in particular are the more chill and neurology and cardiology tend toward the conservative




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