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Current Events: The Desolate Forest, X-Men: Reboot

X-Men: Reboot Canon

X-Men: Reboot Canon

Description: The timeline of important events for XMR.

Categories: X-Men

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Xavier's Timeline
2004-2006: Oxford, Cambridge & Harvard (16-18).
2007: CIA work, Moira McTaggart, informants Aleister MacNamara and Rahir Hahvan seek to expose an organization within the European government which sought to tag, identify, imprison and experiment upon mutants.
2008: Stateside, BCT & AIT. (20)
2009: Stateside & Afghanistan. (21)
2010: Cain Marko dies, Afghanistan. (22)
2011: Egypt & Haifa, Israel & CIA work stateside & Muir Island. (23)
2012: Became crippled, convalescence w/o abilities (24).
2013: Established Xavier Institute of Higher Learning (25).

Erik's Timeline
2014: Erik Lehnsherr formerly seen in Haifa, Israel as a volunteer worker has now established the Brotherhood of Mutants under the claim that mutants are superior and that un-mutated humans will eventually rise up and attempt to brand/register them in the hopes of squashing a force that they do not understand. [/i].
2015: The Brotherhood takes Senator Kelly hostage after the U.S. government releases a memo on How to Identify Mutants, and the newly-formed X-Men engage him to ensure the senator's safety. The situation is resolved with no casualties.
2016: The Brotherhood strikes again, acting on intelligence that the U.S. government has created blacksites to test mutants. The X-Men and Brotherhood join forces to liberate captured mutants from a base in Alberta, Canada, and receive assistance from Will Stryker.

Militia for Genetic Rights Timeline
2007: Covert information in deepest level of US intelligence determines existence of mutants, this is a theory at the time and not able to be proven.
2013: Over the years it becomes less a rumor and more concrete, with testing facilities created in Nebraska and Alberta. Logan Howlett is held at one of these facilities.
2015: The first traces of MGR activity become active, established in Afghanistan, the group is making its entrance onto U.S. soil and taking credit for the bombing of a Planned Parenthood which discreetly served special classes, also known as mutants.
2017: MGR activity is slowly rising, on the deep web there are calls to arms for ordinary civilians to stand up and assert their genetic rights as non-mutated or enhanced humans.
2018: Another bombing has rocked New York City to its core in the heart of a poor neighborhood where a clinic was once more targeted by the group claiming that all those who aren't with them are against them.




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