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Wand Length & Flexibility

Wand Length & Flexibility

Description: This article contains all relevant information on Wand Length & Flexibility in our game.

Categories: Wands

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Wand Flexibilities
Wand flexibility determines the adaptiveness, responsiveness, and willingness-to-change on behalf of their owners. High flexibility wands readily perform new spells, but low-flexibility wands tend to be more outright powerful once a spell is accomplished. This set is taken from here and we use this ordering, with 'Very flexible' as the most and 'Unyielding' as the least. Wand flexibilities, rather than represent the wood, represent the character of the witch or wizard in possession of it.
  • Very flexible
    Quite Bendy
    Quite flexible
    Fairly bendy
    Reasonably supple
    Slightly springy
    Surprisingly swishy
    Slightly Yielding

Wand Lengths
Wands on this site exist on a spectrum between 8 1/2" and 15" 1/2 inches, with both being exceptionally rare. Most wands fall within the range of 9" to 14", again with 14" being the upper limit. Wand length once more portrays the personality of the owner rather than the actual wood or composition of the wand.

Longer wands tend toward bigger, more flamboyant personalities while shorter wands tend toward less forceful personalities. There is a myth that shorter wands are due to a lack of character, but this isn't generally the case. Most owners of short wands are more reserved, and tend toward more refined magic.




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