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Description: This article contains all relevant information on Veela within our game.

Categories: Lore

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The Veela are a reclusive society native to the Island of Sirenuse, near Paestum. They are known to the Ancient Greeks as Sirens, although Veela are both male and female.

All Veela, whether a percentage or not, are able to access a triad of abilities collectively known as The Siren: Vocal Persuasion, Hypnosis, and Lust Inducement. The Siren is more effective when the Veela is attracted to the individual they're attempting to use it on, but the vocal persuasion elements can still kick in if sufficiently emotive. The Siren is passive, which causes people to be immediately drawn toward the Veela, pliable to their will. Even if you dislike a Veela, you can be susceptible to their so-called charm, whilst in their presence.

In their own language, Veela are known as Ennosidas, and contact with the outside world is adamantly opposed, as outsiders do not understand their customs, but in the interest of international magical cooperation Veela do make appearances at conferences and major events, such as the Quidditch World Cup. Falling in love with an outsider, however, is forbidden. Veela who do are exiled from their society and forced to live among humans, generally in a state of strong discrimination as non-humans in the wizarding world are stigmatized for being uncontrollable.

Typical Veela traits are exceptionally symmetrical and attractive features, long white hair, black eyes, and talons. When a Veela is angry, their beautiful composure twists and becomes the exact opposite: hateful, monstrous, and hideous. The Siren also inverts, causing their voices to turn into a piercing shriek capable of shattering glass. In addition, some Veela are known to wield fire, and they are able to perform magic without the use of assistive instruments such as wands.

Veela are a temperamental race, which is reflected in their magical energy: wild, powerful and intense.




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